TUSHY Girlfriend Megan Rain Gets Ass Fucked

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This thing happened to me a little while ago I love to travel and I Love Budapest One time I went up alone just for the trip and for pest I was walking down the street and this guy came up to me I had my eye on him from afar and I thought of a way to address him I know it's a cliché but the easiest way to get to know someone is to fire I took out a cigarette and pretended to ask for a light when he got there I turned to him:
- I'm sorry Can you give me a light? - and I smiled very seductively The smile did the trick because we started talking He asked me if I'd go for a walk with him because he'd just walk alone Of course I took the opportunity to go with him We went to Margaret Island my favorite place
I secretly wanted this guy but I wanted him more than that on Margaret Island We began to discuss more and more erotic and intimate matters We had no shame in front of each other I also found out that he doesn't have a girlfriend I was very happy about that It was getting dark my train was going but I didn't want to go home So I stayed With him It was a nice warm summer evening maybe too warm When we were talking he turned to me and said " I don't know what you're going to say about this but I'm going crazy if I can't kiss you"  I almost melted when he said that and I threw myself right at him
At first we kissed slowly and then we kissed wildly meanwhile our hands were exploring the other way I put my hand in it and then I brushed her long dreadlocks and then I grabbed her ass She had a great ass Suddenly it started to rain but we didn't mind because it was a warm summer rain and it just got me all fired up I wanted him so badly And I felt that he loved me We were looking for a place to hide we found a playground along the coast So we continued to kiss while we were getting our clothes off He took me off slowly and very erotically When he breathed into my neck I almost went crazy My nipples are hard He said that with a happy smile I thought I'd give it back
We only had one pair of pants on nothing on top I started biting his ear breathing in him massaging my breasts moaning little He really liked that I kissed her neck licked her He kissed me and then his sensual mouth clung to my breasts He smoked it bit it licked it and I enjoyed it His hand slipped under my pants It was uncomfortable so I cleared the road and I dropped my pants So his hand could be all over my very wet pussy She pulled off my thong so she could see my wet and naked pussy She really liked it He leaned closer kissed her I was so wasted I almost came He noticed that too because I moaned so hard He kept going He started kissing my inner thigh and then he slipped into my pussy His tongue was coming out He had already begun to excite my swollen clitoris My legs were shaking I enjoyed it so much
He slowly pushed one of his fingers into me He started pulling it in and out licking it wildly sucking it and pecking my clitoris All of a sudden I had two fingers inside of me that moved in and out wild I moaned louder and louder and then I felt the heat in my body I came Oh yeah He stood up and kissed me and said " Well? How'd it go? And I looked at him and I said:
- I'll show you
I kissed her chest sucked sucked bit her nipples Meanwhile my hand was caressing his dick through his pants I went down slowly I unbuttoned his pants and he came out with a big stiff hard beautiful tail I just didn't know how to get started I would have admired it more but I wanted it more than anything I wanted a bite But I held back a little and I started with her thighs I sucked out her inner thigh not far from her tail He almost came I thought I'd stop skinning him I kissed it on the tip I could feel the SAP beads I loved it
I kissed him all over his dick I used to get a little high and massage his testicles Slowly my tongue came out and every inch of it I licked his dick Then I slowly pulled the skin with my hand()


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