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Aniko was given a beautiful body by nature Her thin waist her feminine hips her hard shapely buttocks and her breasts caught every man's eye And when someone looked into his eyes his bright big eyes he completely lost control of himself At the age of 16 Aniko had discovered her physical qualities and found a boy on every finger He wasn't bored a day When he realized he could turn his charms into money he didn't hesitate She was 18 when she first put an ad in a sex magazine A lot of people have already signed up for this but since Aniko didn't have a safe place to conduct the acts she only called back those applicants who had cars or houses of their own It took him four years to earn his own home It was a cold winter morning He slept in Aniko's bedroom under a silk blanket The room wasn't cold so he could have slept without a blanket A phone call woke him up He sat up on the bed with no intention and with a sleepy look he reached out to the "pick up" button on his cell phone
He spoke in a soft voice covering up his slight nervousness due to early disturbance
- Hey it's Aniko Here you go
- Hi - hi - the caller spoke in an agitated voice - I read your ad on the internet and I have to say you're very beautiful I'd like to check in with you When do you have time for me?
- Thank you so much for the compliment "then he did not have to force the kind voice for he could not resist the praise  If it's okay with you you can come to my place at 5: 00 this afternoon
- Can we do it tomorrow?
- I'm afraid not I don't have all day tomorrow I'm sorry -
Aniko didn't want to say that she was full of "guests" the next day because she'd made that mistake a few times and the customers realized that they weren't the only ones who had her shapely body so they hung up the phone
- Then today's fine 5: 00 pm What's your address?
-I live here in the capital the four Masters ' Road 19 You'll find my name at the entrance
- Thank you - thank you I'll be on time - the caller hung up on me Aniko got out of bed because she couldn't sleep again and she only had half an hour before her first paying customer today He took a shower brushed his teeth and then jumped off to a grocery store near the house where he bought a bottle of champagne some sandwich material and then he hurried back after paying He stopped at the front door of the house for a moment to check that his name was legibly displayed next to the bells There have been cases where his name was redecorated with black markers and his "guests" didn't know where to ring Everything was fine this time When he got to his apartment he chilled the champagne
The bell rang Aniko looked at her watch It was eight o'clock
- How punctual people are these days - he said it quietly to himself as he pressed the door-opening button He lived on the third floor Three minutes later they knocked on the door Aniko opened the door in an obscure silk robe so that the knocker could barely see her body leaning against the door frame He changed while his "guest" came up from the entrance
- Oh yeah? - he asked in a low sexy voice
- Hi I'm Gábor - he introduced himself - Am I on time? - he asked in a confident voice
- You know I do Please come in - he opened the door completely
Gabor has entered He was holding a string of yellow roses caressing her nipples across the beautiful face of Aniko He started at his forehead then passed through his nose through his lips all the way to his neck Then he gave the lady the flowers Aniko put the chilled champagne on the living room table and opened it He didn't have time to pour because the man approached him took the bottle out of his hand and put it on the table He wanted to kiss her on the mouth but he gave up on the idea because Aniko refused He never kissed me from work Gábor took off the robe gently from which her shapely figure appeared The man started by kissing the neck He kissed me so sensuously Aniko "warmed up"in no time After a while Gabor got to the breasts He kissed one licked the other while he was squeezing and caressing the other with his hands Aniko was already wet ready for the man to enter her According to Gábor the time has not yet come He was licking her caressing her breasts The nipples got harder and bigger The man's tongue was slowly but surely moving towards her genitals
He stopped at the navel for a while and then after walking around twice with the tip of his tongue he moved on Aniko only spread her legs so much that Gabor's head was barely a middleman Gábor first laid siege to the inner part of the thighs and when licking in the sensitive area did its work the playful language started towards the beautiful peach Gábor didn't go wild on the pleasure hole()

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