Brittany Bardot Nicole Love Crazy Double Anal Fuck Fest

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I'd like to start off with the fact that I was born into a very fancy family I had a lot to cut into milk for my ancestors So since I appeared in their lives it must have been a strange episode They've taken a very little time to move forward What I remember is at least four baby tubes by the time I was eight Nothing really happened I had everything and nothing It was then that one of my ancestors could have so misled that the scandal could not be solved without a divorce So by the time I was eight I became a child of divorce And that's where all the things I write about started So first of all I went to my mother She was a beautiful woman all the men were crazy about her When I was ten years old in school I accidentally saw the pussy of one of my classmates I really liked that weird experience From here on in I was almost always trying to see that little cut My currently developing penis was very fond of this occupation because I almost ripped it off with the peepsthe gropes the timidand the cock-whackseven more with myselfsometimes with girls and sometimes with boyswhen I was 12 years old Then summer break it started out very boring My mom works I'm small so she won't leave me alone I was banished to my grandmother's It's a small village just a few housespeople and no fun There's nothingno internet nothing That's-that's three barsa church Well I was banished here This is my mother my mother He's nice he did everything he could to make me feel good in a shithole That's when I found out I was a love child and my mother was so young because her "boss" knocked her up and she had to marry my mom so there wouldn't be a bigger scandal That's how mom got married to a 45-year-old man when she was 18 Which by the way is fast
But back to the village
The city will not let me forget the beautiful scenery the calm environment So in my great boredom it was often just a matter of being busy with my penis I used to torment my little skinny one at night or during the day Every night in bed I'd pull the skin off the Acorn as long as I could and I'd rub my dick against the hard bed Sometimes I helped her with my hands sometimes the hardness of the sheets helped to make my little one properly pampered At times like this it was very interesting and strange but I didn't have a lustful feeling running all over my spine At the back of my waist I got terribly sensitive With one hand I tortured my little dick pulled it grabbed it played with my balls and with the other hand caressed my waist Then came the lust It was really good After two days Grandma told me she wanted to talk to me He says he knows what manhood means but if he does he'd rather give me a towel I knew right away the sheets were telling me The sky fell on the fifth day There was a thunderstorm and a wind with lightning that even grandma couldn't remember The fear on my part was the Lightning and most of it I suppose for the sake of understanding soon put us all to bed together We hugged and hugged and listened to the storm outside I fell asleep and I wake up with grandma pulling my little dick Let's not sugarcoat this Hard pulled and then sucked My little penis It was wonderful He ate my dick with my balls He was grabbing my ass I could feel my dick in his throat and he swallowed it It was fantastic It was an interesting strange nagging feeling all over my lower body I could feel my acorn in his throat swallowing it It's amazing how the throat every time he swallows he grabs my acorn and he just kind of takes a swing at it You can't just write that down You have to feel it I've never met a woman who could do that again It was great it was better than when he just sucked it language and sucked it I don't know how long I didn't dare tell you I was up But then my body betrayed me The lust was upon me and I began to move more and more To the rhythm of nature and I was loud To this day I'm loud during intercourse yes I'm wheezing I'm lustful I'm growling and I don't know what other sounds come out of me They say it doesn't bother me it bothers my partners
So at that point there was no way to pretend that I was asleep and grandma just grabbed her head Just when I was ready Two surprises One he was facing me from between my legs with his eyes wide open The other is that despite my youth I have been blessed by nature with my penis and I have plenty of crops So it hit my grandmother in the face and then when she caught her head my multiple spritz ended up on her naked breasts
I enjoyed it and my grandmother ran out of the room Now what? I thought so Because I got the stuff and I like to be clean I got out of bed and I went to the bathroom


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