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When I was in the Army with one of the quaestors in Asia I got a place in Parchment I had a great time here: not only was my quarters splendid but also my host had a beautiful son I've been thinking about how to be her lover without her father getting suspicious
Well every time we talked about what pretty boys were for at lunch I was so angry I was so angry I was so Stern in protest of the foul language that offended my ears that everyone especially mama looked at me like a philosopher Gradually I led the young man into the gymnasium I laid down the order of his studies I taught him and I issued the order to keep him from entering the House
We were lying in the dining-room one time (it was a holiday a school break the sluggishness of the longer vigil and we stayed there) when at about midnight I noticed that the boy was awake
"My goddess Venus" I said with cautious murmur " if I may kiss this boy without him noticing I will give him a pair of pigeons tomorrow"
As soon as the boy heard the prize for pleasure he snored He pretended to be but I fell on him and I kissed him all over again That's a start I woke up early this morning and brought him a beautiful pair of pigeons That's how I took my vows
The next night he let me kiss again but I felt a different wish and I said:
- If I can touch this boy naughty and unawares without him noticing I will give him a feisty Wild Rooster as a gift for pleasure
At this resolution the young man approached me and I noticed that he was afraid that I might take a nap Well I dispelled his concern and I was immersed in the pleasure of his body but I didn't get the main pleasure As soon as it's over I've made my promise He was very happy about it
The third night as soon as I had the chance I woke up and whispered in the bait-sleeper's ear:
"Immortal gods if I may unite with this child in a perfect desirable embrace in his sleep for this beauty I will give him tomorrow a magnificent Macedonian steed but only if he does not notice"
The boy has never slept more deeply Well first I put my hand on her milky breast and then I drilled into it with my kisses and then I filled my desire with pleasure
In the morning he sat in his room waiting for my usual gift But you know how much easier it is to get pigeons and Roosters than a steed and besides I was afraid this precious gift would arouse suspicion of my generosity()


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