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My brother András and I became more and more intimate not only brothers lovers but physical and spiritual friends We told each other everything so I knew what happened at the vineyard with grandma and of course she knew about what happened to Grandpa Ever since Andrew told me what was in the Apple I've looked at Sam differently I was so excited to hear about it I knew I wouldn't be able to rest until I tried it with the dog I've come up with a serious tactic to seduce our dog and all I had to do was wait for the right time Which soon came on an early autumn morning
I was alone at the farm everyone went after their work I knew no one would come home before the noon Bell I poured fresh cream into a little clay pot invited the dog to stay with me and we went into the barn Sam looked curiously at the vessel in my hand and gratefully waved his tail I put the kettle on the shelf and got naked Sam came closer and he stuck his wet nose between my legs and I shuddered And then he licked the pussy once or twice and like he was doing his job he laid down on the hay I looked at him disappointed like I expected something like this to happen I took the kettle off the shelf I lay on my back in a pile of hay and I put cream on my fluffy pussy Sam looked closer smelled me and began to lick the cream It was very pleasant I could feel the dog's rough tongue licking through the sullen labia I pulled my labia apart and blamed it on the entrance to my leftover hot cave of cream Sam continued to work diligently pushing his rugged muscular tongue further into my vagina While rubbing his wet cold nose against my clitoris It was a wonderful feeling I felt like I was in heaven my body was stretched several times and my lap was hot I screamed out loud my heart almost jumped out of its place and I felt fantastic pleasure and satisfaction Sam ran scared to the other side of the barn After a while I brought him to me with his ears and tail between his legs
- All right Good Dog good dog
I got dressed and I walked out of the barn and I got richer with a fantastic experience that was my secret for life
My grandfather used to call upon my services on a regular basis and I noticed that he prefers to be satisfied with my mouth and my hand Of course I guess he was more comfortable that way But my brother Bandi worked hard on my garden He grew up to be a real sheet virtuoso in every situation ready to make out anytime We were still sleeping in the same bed and I liked to fall asleep so much I stuck myself in my brother's lap And he put his arm around me in kindergarten in protective custody That's how it happened that memorable nightI woke up at dawn with Bandi's gun on my ass I opened up my thighs a little bit and put the hot spear between my legs It was like he was in a vise and I could feel his hardness I started to move gently and it became more and more pleasant When I was all over her her acorn was rubbing my vagina Bandi grabbed my ass opened my butt cheeks spit in his hand and smeared his saliva between my butt cheeks I was preoccupied with myself and by the time I realized my brother's Dick was besieging my butthole His Acorn had passed through their muscle rings I was surprised it hurt a little and it was pretty unpleasant but I let what had to happen Bandi slowly entered me stopping several times I could feel the hot throbbing spit moving in and out I was enjoying it and it didn't hurt anymore and it wasn't unpleasant My brother was biting my shoulders and wheezing loudly while his tail was moving in me Then it stopped moving and I felt it throbbing in my rectum I'd be lying if I said it was a fantastic experience for me I'd say it was interesting But Bandi must have enjoyed it very much caressing me with gratitude as his limp dick slowly slipped out of me The next day my grandfather invited me to his house and it was just the two of us at home and he sat on the cot and he sat me on his lap
- It's time for you to make some money Either you're a day laborer or you're trying to make some money
The water broke down if you give me to a day laborer I'll be slaving in the fields all day on bread and water Anything else could be better than this so I asked the old man suspiciously
- And what would that be grandpa?
- Older gentlemen should be pleased if you work out we can make a lot of money
"We should do what we do with you" I asked innocently
- Yeah same thing and I'll always be around to take care of you The Earl of Vince who lives next door has his eye on you The only stipulation is to be untouched you will be
While he was talking his hands were all over my skirt And then she pulled up my skirt and she looked under it and she angrily folded it back


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