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It's all ruined I had big plans for the future for my life for someone I loved And then it all ended overnight Interestingly I wasn't too shocked It was as liberating as I felt the usual goals and his absence However everyday life continued more or less in its usual way Except for a complete lack of inhibitions and responsibility I'm not proud of it anymore but there were good sides to it
Like women Surprisingly it turns out there are a lot of lonely women in familiar circles who sometimes don't condone a little transgression against good morals without consequences After a few weeks I was in a lot of fires at once and I didn't hide it from them but they couldn't or they wanted to say no to almost anything I asked them to do That's an interesting side to the female spirit
One of those fires was Judith She was in her mid-twenties barely 5 ' 10 " tall fat short dyed blonde hair more interesting than with a pretty face a nice smile little bulging little tits round bottom He worked in a toy store which he was passionate about which means his apartment was filled with stuffed animals and he usually had a lot of girlie stuff In addition he seemed completely ignorant of the sexual message his appearance has towards men in his environment I've known him for a while he used to hang out with the people we used to drink the pubs of the boulevard on the weekend
He must have had a great secret which he did not share with me for he had a habit of coming down to the bar at the time and having had all sorts of typical female drinks and laughing for a while with the company he went into a more secluded corner and continued with a concoction After a while her candle broke and she started crying He'd drink and cry for a while and then he'd stand up leave money on the table and he'd disappear
One time I thought about it I paid and then I went after it Looking strictly in front of you you were a little insecure on the sidewalk avoiding everyone if possible I missed
- Hi Juci - I said hello out loud
She spun around scared and almost lost her balance For a moment he forgot to hide his little cry in which he appeared first to be frightened then to calm his acquaintance and then to a slight confusion He turned his face
- Hi - hi leave me alone please
- What's the matter? I've seen you cry before and then you disappear
- No no no I don't want to do this say nothing - and she cried again
- Come on Come herecome here - I hugged him
He was surprised for a second trying to push me away and then he drilled his face into my sweater and cried We were just standing there on the morning Street just the two of us I held her caressed her back and she leaned on me and wept I don't know how long it's been but it took him a long time to calm down He looked up with a sniffle
- I have to go I'm going home
- Let's go
He didn't tell me not to go with him We went to his apartment in silence We stopped at the doorway of the House He looked up to me and he put his arms around me I put my arm around her
- Okay - okay That's good - he whispered quietly
He let me go he opened the gate The heavy wooden gate turned creaking on the hardware which echoed loudly in the interior courtyard of the old tenement house We walked in went up to the second floor He turned around the apartment door and he was surprised to see me It's like he was trying to say something but then he changed his mind She got the key out of her purse As he went through the door he began to say it in half-voice as if in front of him
- No I'm not look I don't want to tonight
- I beg your pardon?
- I'm not looking tonight partner
- Just not a sex partner or someone who consoles you?
He looked right in front of you and then he looked up to me From behind the veil of alcohol intoxication for a moment there appeared in his eyes a lonely woman hungry for love
- Come on in - he said it eventually
He had a small but nice tidy apartment It's full of stuffed animals and a lot of girlie stuff as far as you can tell in the twilight After we entered he made a definite move toward the bedroom kicking off the shoes on the way dropping off the little coat I was just putting my things in the Hall By the time I got to the room she was wearing a pair of white panties that lit in the dim light and she was sitting on the double bed dragging her stockings down When I walked in he got his hands in front of you
- No no no no
- Relax I can't see anythingit's dark
- I'm going now I want to sleep Find your own place Anywhere you want - he was rambling
He stood up didn't even try to cover himself stumbled out of the toilet I had a thought and since the bed was supposed to be the most comfortable place to sleep in the neighborhood I took off my shirt and underwear and climbed under the covers


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