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I'm a 23-year-old girl and I've never been in love I don't mean the weak spiritual attraction that a stronger body successfully hides but the all-moving leg-shaking I can't do it without you-type really lasting forever Which may not even exist "Eternal love is like a ghost in a castle Everyone's talking about it but no one's seen it"God (and family genes) are remarkably well-dressed (?) plus brains and ambition This could be the basis of a successful life but for me a philosophical predisposition has turned confidence into a brooding uncertainty I couldn't find the right couple to agree with -- principles values in love And like a vicious circle I became more and more self-absorbed daydreaming No one kissed me when I was 20 Not that they haven't tried just I was waiting for" the one"
I've always had a great relationship with my family a real model child a good student a pretty smart one who can be flashed at work I only have one brother and I love him very much but I can't be trusted by his age My cousin who was my age but was a really good support when I was a teenager We could talk about everything although our way of life could not have been more different: she is the party girl (though she is good-hearted and smart) I am the student reader serious girl But with him when we almost grew up together I could really be myself It was an invaluable relationship
Then a few years ago they moved out of our town my uncle got a job abroad took his family with him We haven't seen each other for a long time András (so called) grew up grew serious and he's pulled away from me The lack of a common connection did the trick And the new environment friends It's just that when we were in college he came to me again He was in the same Medical School in Germany as I was so when I applied for a study abroad - and won it there was no doubt about the choice
In spite of the years passed our relationship rose again with the old intimacy; we experienced the same struggles our friendship was stronger than ever He introduced me to his friends helped me fit in figured out my routine
Then the news came: our grandfather died We couldn't go home so we comforted each other We cried He held me his hand on my back I could see in his eyes the unselfish love the unconscious movement but the tensions that had been building up in me for years which had only been controlled by determination had been pushed out I longed so much for his tenderness his kiss I almost screamed in my pain then in despair I couldn't let him he's my cousin In my helplessness I ran away
Then the days passed our relationship returned to normal our grief faded and my past escape was fortunately my pain for our grandfather so with the techniques I had mastered over the years I was able to conceal the desire of every touch I was disgusted by myself for I wished for my cousin while I slept with his image in my soul every night It was perfect for me because we had a level of trust that no man could ever hope for But he's my cousin my cousin This is incest I tried to justify myself: old times royal families he used very little My mood got worse and my desire got stronger
The months passed and the time of my return was slowly approaching András and his friends organized a farewell party for me with dancing musicians lots of food and more alcohol András drank a lot and he was doing very well but I almost never drank alcohol not for principle reasons but for not liking the taste But I had to this evening if only for a drop
The party went well I said goodbye to everyone although I don't think they'll remember:) not to go home alone András offered to walk me home He was adamant though he drank much much more than I did I was just in a good mood but he was really drunk Yes coordinated but I think it's just for "training" I had a lot of fun being her chaperone
We crossed the middle of the night street to my apartment We listened silently to the sound of the dawn
We were getting a divorce at home and she hugged me I was shaking He wrapped his arms gently round my neck and kissed me on the cheek as my heart began to beat so violently I wondered why he could not hear me why he could not kiss me and receive me in his arms My reaction to the alcohol in my blood was completely extinguished He looked me in the eye as a farewell and he saw desire I got scared he froze And he said " is that what you want?"I didn't answer no


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