Anal School Teacher In Pantyhose

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 Honey we're gonna check in with the gynecologist tomorrow get you some birth control pills
"I think you'll stay with us all summer" said Eniko smiling
When Denes came to they talked about going to the nearby shopping center They took a shower and Dénes pulled the car out It was a stunning sight for the man as the two brothers came out of the house and got into the car Eniko sat in the back with little Erik Barbara's brother-in-law would fall in love with her when she saw Denes's astonished face she would laugh at him and kiss him on the cheek
"You are so wonderful" stammered Dénes with a sense of awe
On this Eniko laughed and stroked the back of her husband's head
"Let's go my dear" said Eniko giggling
There was no traffic so they got to the center and parked in the parking lot outside the store Dénes took the pram out of the trunk Barbara immediately offered to push the baby
"If you've let your sweet little penis suck and worked my pussy so well I can do it by pushing my little lover" said Barbara smiling in her squeaky voice
Dénes embraced his wife's waist and walked into the store looking at the thin girlish hips of the teenager who was walking in front of them
"I am so happy for you" whispered Dénes in Eniko's ear
"And Barbara" said she with a frown feigned anger
"And to him of course" said Dénes with satisfaction
'That's why' said Eniko quietly kissing her husband - husband on the lips
Meanwhile they reached the first floor and as Eniko stepped forward and holding Barbara they immediately entered the lingerie department Dénes followed them He took the stroller from his sister-in-law The brothers in a ringing tone quietly qualified on the shelves panties on scaffolding bras according to which Denes would be interested Dénes listened to reason with a smile every now and then The girls clapped together a great deal of the sexier clothes and moved on to the rehearsal booth
"You'll be ready to judge" said Eniko looking over her shoulder
Barbara turned around and didn't say anythingshe just kissed her brother-in-law
It was not two minutes before Eniko called out to her husband from behind the curtain of the rehearsal booth to come in Dénes went to the compartment without thinking and gently drew the curtain and entered the narrow room Eniko stepped out to the stroller and pushed it in front of the booth so that no one could get in unless it fell through the car Then staying out of the way he kept the curtains open so that he could see and enjoy watching the performance
Barbara was just wearing a red silk semi-transparent lace bra and the light little white band half-height summer sandals she came in He was sitting in the rehearsal booth with his legs open when his brother-in-law came in He immediately drew the man to himself and after a little awkwardness unbuttoned the buttons of his trousers and then leaned down to his ankles
Barbara's tiny little fingers grabbed the soft warm testicles and felt that they were not ready to fight He turned them gently in the bag and began to massage the man's tail Taking a breath he drew his face closer to his brother-in-law's tight belly and licked the soft acorn of the limp penis with the tip of his tongue Holding the base of the soft penis between his fingers he began to lick his brother-in-law's dick from the outside UP and down until he completely drooled it When Denes sighed he began to lick the pole with his tongue Every time he licked her she got more and more excited and then he put his whole soft dick in her mouth The beautiful teenager began to suck his brother-in-law's pleasure stick passionately He almost drowned when the fuck suddenly froze to death He didn't expect the man to gain his hardness so quickly so he wasn't prepared
"Oh" said he after pulling out the once-hard penis from his mouth
He gently took the base of the thick pole and drew it to his mouth His moist lips slipped on the hard swollen cock until the smooth smooth smoothness of his tongue hid more than half of his male member Looking at her brother-in-law's contented face Barbara began to move her head up and down feeling that each time the dick would get harder While his sister-in-law deep down to her throat the large penis Denes moved her hips rhythmically forward and back
- Suck it baby suck it - he sighed barely audible as the sublime feelings grew stronger in his burning penis Moving her lower body rhythmically she put her dick deeper and deeper into Barbara's mouth His acorn touched his sister-in-law's throat every blowjob
- That's it baby "he sighed again as Barbara's lips slid up and down her bare cane"
Barbara was enjoying it more and more and now she was excited to see her brother-in-law enjoy blowjobs He was moving faster and faster his tongue was running around with saliva on a shiny penis


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