Moms Teach Sex – Mom seduces her stepson

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I lost my virginity when I was 16 It was before my aunt's birthday that I first had sex with a woman Almost two at a time
A week before the birthday party my sister and I went down to Miskolc because it was spring break at school My aunt lived alone in a two-bedroom apartment So my sister Kati and I were in the same room while my aunt Tamara was sleeping in the other room One morning when I woke up I went to the kitchen to drink water As I passed by the main room I noticed a quiet conversation My curious nature made me stay Tamara and Kati were talking inside I didn't really understand what the conversation was about so I moved on I had a glass of water and I was on my way back I stopped outside the main room door again I heard a faint buzzing from inside I opened the door a crack to see what was going on in there Oh my God Tamara was on her knees naked between Kati's legs and holding a vibrator in her hand approaching the entrance to my sister's pussy Kati was completely naked too and with her head slightly raised she watched what Tamara was doing to her The sight of that turned me on too and I took off my underwear and I started to excite my dick Meanwhile in there my aunt was already fucking my sister with the vibrator Kati used silent screams to tell Tamara how much she enjoyed this kind of Game After a while Tamara pulled the vibrator out of Kati shoved it up her ass and started licking my sister's pussy Kati as she felt her aunt's tongue at the entrance to her vagina she seemed to shake and start massaging her breasts Tamara's tongue went faster and from what I saw the only thing that bothered her was the clitoris It made me feel like I was going to come and I was going to go faster Maybe 30 seconds ago Tamara was licking my sister when Kati came screaming so hard Tamara stopped licking my sister's pussy looked up fast-taped Kati's mouth with one hand and looked at the door with a worried face I don't know if you noticed but when Kati calmed down she crawled up to bed and started kissing Kati began to finger Tamara's pussy and after my aunt's faint whimpering Tamara began to kiss her whole body until she reached Tamara's cunt and as she learned from him began to kiss Tamara The moaning got stronger and Tamara started throwing herself in bed He just got up and came to the door opened it saw me In my shame standing in front of him with my stiff tool in my hand I blushed Tamara came up to me threw me against the wall kissed me on the lips and with her right hand started to tease my limp dick I knew right away that there was no getting out of here and it would be a scandal if I didn't let myself go or a huge fuck Not at allI chose the latter Meanwhile Kati was on the bed fingering herself while she was watching us Tamara's mouth was a way of exploring my body He kissed me all the way from my neck to my dick When he touched my dick first he started kissing his balls then my balls and then he got excited at the tip of my dick With his right hand he pulled off my skin and then he licked the entire length of my phallus with the tip of his tongue He opened his mouth and he took the Dick And then there was this huge blow job that no one has ever been able to repeat since He had my acorn in his mouth and sometimes I felt like I was finished but then he went at a slower pace and for a minute he wouldn't let my dick out of his mouth and he played me until he was tired of his mouth He stood up held my hand and led me to the bed He sat me down and he stood in front of me and he pulled his pussy out with one hand pointing and one middle finger and with the other hand he pulled my head over to his pussy As a good student I knew what I had to do and I started licking his little squirrel First I took care of the entrance area then the entrance and then I took care of the pink meat itself Tamara was squeezing my head more and more and I knew it wouldn't be long so I slowed down a little bit At that moment I felt something warm and wet surrounding my dick I stopped sucking pussy for a second and I looked down at the spread between my legs Kati was kneeling in front of me and like little children she was sucking on my acorns like a lollipop or an ice cream I went back to licking Tamara's pussy as I felt my dear sister getting more and more encouraged to suck my dick Tamara seems to have had enough of her mouth - to-mouth pushed me away lay on her back So Kati stopped sucking my dick and started licking Tamara's pussy I turned around and got up My aunt was lying on the bed my sister was kneeling in front of her licking my aunt's pussy and I was standing in front of her bed with my cock standing in front of me while my sister's cunt was staring right in front of me()


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