Schoolgirl Chanel Will Do Anything to Get Out of School

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Sara swung in from the bathroom and threw herself on the bed He was wearing my bathrobehe didn't even bother to fasten his seat belt As she lay down beside me the robe was open Sarah's beautiful body was revealed to my greedy eyes as an open offering
"You are beautiful" I said The term was rather mild but I was glad that in my agitated state I could afford it at all Sarah fluttered a quiet thank-you and kissed me He was a good kisser his breath was sweet and minty at the same time Yet I was torn from her lips to admire her form again We had the whole night ahead of us and I didn't want to rush into anything I've been waiting for this moment for two weeks
"Your breasts are beautiful" I added and to confirm my words I gently smoothed the fine firm piles with the tip of my fingers
- If you only knew how much they cost Well you shouldn't have said that All my illusions were shattered in an instant
- You mean they're not real?
 Yeah I uploaded them two months ago You know the fitness and the diet
- Yeah
I reached out and gently pressed one of her breasts He was very flexible maybe too flexible As I looked more closely I saw the faint scar under the breast Before my mind's eyes images of an operating room began to float and I saw the skin slashed in Sarah's chest a drop of her blood running down her side and then the doctor in the mask shoved the shapeless bag up through a tube like a rubber ball I'm shocked
- Now what? - I heard Sarah's voice from a distance
- Nothing nothing
- I can see you don't like it You're disgusted She pulled away from me pulled on her robe and turned her back in a huff
- Of course I like it They look great I'm just getting used to the idea of touching a plastic bag I think that was the phrase that twisted the knife in his heart He jumped up and began to dress in haste With my last strength I tried to explain myself and convince Sara to stay but all she kept saying was that I didn't like her as a woman and that's not gonna work Before he stormed out he called back from the door:
 It would be nice if we didn't see each other for a while Like forever
For a long time I was lying in bed destroyed wondering why I had to say such stupid things After feeling sorry for myself I turned on the TV and went to the kitchen for a beer I took off my clothes and went to bed I was on some stupid game show but my mind was somewhere else I was getting sleepy when I heard a strange noise from the wardrobe I turned the TV on silent and listened The noise was repeated; it was not my imagination; it was as if there were something in there Rats maybe? I turned on the lamp on the nightstand and I quickly looked for a weapon I came across a vase I started walking towards the closet I stopped to listen and I heard something again but now I was able to take out a human word Someone said " Damn it"
I pulled the door open and the vase in my right hand struck but I did not finish the move Among my clothes hanging from hangers was a young woman with a frightened face
- What the hell are you doing here? - I've had my fair share of questions torn out of me
- Don't swear "said the beautiful stranger with no feigned indignation in his voice" That courage gave me complete amazement Not only is he barging into my own apartment he's giving me orders
- Come on out He waved no with his head Her curls of gold fell in her face I lowered my occasional weapon over my head
- Come on I'm not gonna hurt you Still hasn't moved I was starting to get all worked up
- What are you waiting for? You're not a moth Get out of my clothes He's already stepped up The surprise knocked the vase out of my hand which was thanks to the thick carpet of the floor for not breaking it
The girl was completely naked but what attracted attention was the two big white wings hanging on her back - What are you looking at? - he asked
- Are you going to a costume party?
- No I'm not
- Then why are you dressed like a goose?
- I'm not a goose - I'm an angel
- Yeah yeah yeah I sat on the bed took the phone and dialed the police number In the meantime I took a good look at my nervous "guest" He had a lot to look at except for his wings Her legs were slender but not thin her Venusian buttocks were completely hairless and her breasts seemed to be drawn with a compass
- Silicone? - I asked him absent-mindedly waving to his chest as the phone rang
- Of course not That's how God made me Who are you calling?


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