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A friend of mine recently had a strange and interesting adventure which I would like to tell you as he told me later
One night he was home alone and he was bored watching TV2 chat hoping to find something interesting For a long time only the usual unimaginative ads are Greek we almost turned off the TV when we published an ad that attracted your attention He said " I want to switch texts with boys and girls who are attracted to more extreme sex"He wrote down the number quickly and waited for a while but the ad stopped showing He had a top-up phone and he wouldn't give anyone his number so he specifically took it into account He wrote about it to the advertiser waiting for an answer That was soon to come and a very exciting text message was about to begin at the end of which after a few strokes his tail spilt the sperm with elemental force accompanied by an overwhelming orgasm
He was also a boy but his messages were filled with sexual overburdening the desire to live the fullest pleasures of the evening They told each other their experiences their secret desires He found out his unknown friend was attracted to pee sex he's done it with more girls and he's totally turned on by the pussy in his mouth and the pee on his body My friend had such desires but he never tried to make them come true so it was a strange thrill to have someone to talk to about it
From then on whenever they could they would text until dawn while they were lying naked on their beds excited their stiff dicks until finally they would enjoy the effect of each other's messages Sometimes they'd drink and then there'd be even more luscious texts
And then one night maybe under the influence of alcohol the boy texted me in the chest He wrote that sometimes he dreams of a naked boy sitting in front of him holding his stiff cock in front of him and he has no choice but to take it in his mouth and suck it until he's satisfied My friend was shocked because there was no indication of such a thing only about girls girl experiences and he had no such tendencies at all He stopped writing that night and missed his usual orgasm
A few days passed my friend wondered if he had done the right thing by ending it so abruptly and he missed the excitement of the night more and more Finally one night he decided to write to the boy The answer came immediately and they picked up where they left off except that they included the boy's secret repressed desire The boy had a sense of what he would do to a stiff dick and he found himself more and more excited to have that Dick
Soon all they wrote about was how the boy would suck my boyfriend's Dick and suck his dick and piss The orgasms if possible became even more frenetic and my friend developed new desires and became stronger trying to get the boy to meet with him but he kept to himself He didn't give me any information about you and his number was untraceable He kept his anonymity safe didn't even let himself be called Just the texts all those stuffy horny cock-sucking texts
They might have survived on this level if Chance hadn't intervened One afternoon my friend was in his desk drawer and he came across an old Multiannual calendar He started looking at it when he caught his eye on a phone number He recognized it right away that's where the lustful messages came from at night It was drawn with a pen with the current number underneath At the sight of the name that the number belonged to my friend took his breath away It was my name he even remembered the day I called him said My number had changed delete the old number
He sat there for a long time his brain fluttered trying to understand to put this situation in order Maybe I don't even have the card anymore? I could sell it and someone else would use it Eventually he decided to find out who had the number He called me on my regular phone from his own number asked me when I'd be home wanted to stop by We set up a day when I'm free and he's free He said he'd be here by nightfall we'd have a drink talk That afternoon as a rehearsal he wrote to the Secret Number " how about tonight? I'm already standing Soon the answer came: "I'll be home alone Game on"
They exchanged a couple of hot texts and then she came to me He showed up at my place around 7: 00 we sat in the living room we opened a bottle of wine and we started talking But he had his secret cell phone in his pocket with a message written in advance for my old me just a push of a button and he was sending it Once when I stepped away from the table for some reason he reached into his pocket and pressed that button He was expecting nothing to happen and by the way he could ask me where my old card went But as he sent the message in the darkened bedroom a phone rang two times


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