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I looked nervously at the Glock in my hand What I'm about to do is suicide Sneaking out of military school looking for the person who killed the mother of one of my teachers who is also my love to get that damn necklace back for her Because the day after tomorrow I won't see him for three months and if I think about him 24 days a day think about me too if you look at the necklace Three months of solitude Other people go home to their parents and all I have is my adopted mother on vacation and I don't want to go on vacation and I don't want to stay in school because this summer is much worse than a training camp So with all the money I've saved I'm gonna wander around the country waiting for September to see her againI'm hopeless A girl who fell in love with her same-sex teacher and can't even talk to anyone other than her homeroom because her friends would tell everyone After all they're girls and gossips
I took a deep breath and headed for the vent I snuck past a couple of night watchmen and crawled through the entire school before I finally got out of it There was a surge of adrenaline that came in handy and I started sprinting towards the bus stop Thank god I was in good shape for all the training At a height of 5 '7" my dark brown hair and black eyes emphasized my athletic and slender body I'm typically in the good woman category according to others who could have anyone That may be true but he's all I need He's my teacher He's five years older than me but he's got a lot of combat experience I'm 17 he's 23 He had a hard childhood and so did I Scars from cuts made by the killers of my family often haunt me with nightmares He's about two inches taller than me he's got the same shape as me although I have a little more curves She's got blonde hair that ends in rainbow colors Hazel eyes always shine perfectly though I can see the pain of her childhood He's my instructor and spiritual advisor at school I have a 15-hour private lesson with him twice a day Sometimes I feel like she has feelings for me too but when I tried to get close there was a really bad fight As I think about it the bus arrives I'm gonna hop on and introduce you to the fake I D I stole from a teacher who looks nothing like me Let's face it My homeroom teacher gave it to me Since she's my adopted mother she knows everything After I pay the bus ticket I'll take a seat and think about what I'm doing right now For my unattainable love I will kill her mother's killer and steal her chain back If I don't die he's gonna gut me for doing something so stupid But it's worth it to me When we arrive in the official ghetto District of the city I'll get off the bus and head for the pub there I take a picture of this guy out of my pocket and I walk through the door of the bar I looked around the big mess hall and I saw the guy He was talking to two hookers and he had the chain around his neck Slowly I began to approach him I stepped behind him and put the gun to his waist He turned around questioning and waved his head I know what you want We'll settle this alone
I came back to school with a dislocated jaw a bruise on my head and countless wounds on my body But I had what I wanted Crawling back to my room was torture with my wounded body As soon as I got back to my room I threw myself on the bed and just lay there I didn't even notice the guy standing next to my desk Wasn't he standing there? I quickly hid the chain under my pillow and waited for the screaming to tell me what the hell I was doing But that's not what happened With no emotion on his face he walked up to my bed and treated my injuries His face was stiff but his eyes betrayed him He was worried about me
- Where did you get these? - he asked I suddenly got angry I don't know what got into me but I was angry
"I am not obliged to report to you" replied flegman
- Oh now you're talking to me? And you're obligated to answer me What have you done to yourself? - he asked angrily
- Yes because you're my teacher and I respect you I don't have to report it to my homeroom teacher
- Why are you doing this to me? - she was upset in her hair
- Why am I doing what? "I didn't push you away" I said
He was surprised by my temper I could see it in his eyes
"So here we are" he murmured " I will find out what has happened to you"Now now I'm gonna call your homeroom teacher and you're gonna tell me everything She took out her phone sent me a quick text and my homeroom teacher who is my adopted mother burst into the room in two minutes A price with a sigh of relief I held her tight because for a while I thought I'd never see her again I saw some jealousy on Aniko's face watching the scene


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