FIT18 – Ellie Eilish – 18 Year Old Newcomer Born On Y2K

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The incident started late spring may That's when I started taking routine classes because I had already taken my driver'S test before so I didn't delay getting my driver's license I had to go to pest to take lessons and from Monday through the week I went every day
They just moved the bus stop onto our street and it was a pleasure to stop right in front of our house
It was Monday afternoon I was getting ready to go to the 4:20 bus The bus came on time when I noticed a couple running after the bus When I got on I told the driver to wait for them By the time they got on I was sitting in a number four chair and they were sitting right next to me The boy beside me the girl facing him Later conversations revealed that they were just friends not dating each other The boy turned out to be studying for his major and exams as I recall I didn't care about her at all and I didn't really hear what she said because she was so quiet and I would have been embarrassed to listen Also I studied my ad lines because I was also studying for an exam It was weird watching them I've never seen any of them in my life and I've lived in this neighborhood for as long as I can remember I didn't think much of itit was only when we landed at the terminus that I got a better look at the boy
The next day I also wandered over to the bus stop at the 4:20 when the boy appeared again but was now in the company of an older lady The bus came in order and manner and I got on first and sat down in a four-chair again I was wondering if you'd like to sit there so I was lucky They sat there
Today I pretended to study my thesis but I really wanted to see the boy I think she might have been an old teacher's aunt ' cause it was a permanent school theme Nothing special happened that day
Day three I was hoping he'd come to the bus again and I was hoping best he'd come alone Well I got lucky again I got on the bus early again but this time I sat in Seat 2 waiting for him to sit next to me He sat there And then I started thinking about how to address him and of course I couldn't think of anything cool and then he started listening to music on his Mp3 player He was playing the music pretty loud from the player until I noticed he was listening to one of my favorite songs Ákos-everything that was beautiful I was shocked and driven by a sudden idea I pulled the earpiece out of his ear He was very frightened and he looked at me with astonishment and I for a moment was shocked at what I was doing
 I'm sorry to scare you like this but I heard the music coming out of your player and you were listening to my favorite song Weren't you at the Ákos concert in Kisstadion two weeks ago?
 How could I not be there?
"Obviously" I replied I was really happy when they played this song
- Yeah me too ' cause it's my favorite song
Well I didn't have to worry about what I was going to talk to him about anymorehe gave me everything
Time flew by pretty damn fast until we got to pest like it was a second When we landed we agreed to meet at the same time the next day and chat again
I couldn't wait to see the next daythis guy really turned me on Here he comes this afternoon the boy comes to the station That day's 30-minute drive seemed like a second again Meanwhile I found out that he's 23 and his name is Peti and he's in Econ and he doesn't have a girlfriend For me the last fact was the most significant We had so much in common it was incredible We had the same favorite food favorite color favorite animal favorite music same horoscope When it's five she said it was her favorite thing too and I was thinking maybe she was doing it on purpose but no it was dead serious When we got to the end of the line I was so sad that we had to say goodbye because I had so much fun with him In two days we've only talked for an hour and it feels like I've known him for 1000 years I asked him if he was coming on the bus on Friday and of course he said yes
Friday came It was so hot that day and it was only the middle of May I didn't feel like driving that daythe only thing that made me want to see Peti was me He came to the station smiling from afar When he got there he said it was extremely hot today and he didn't want to go to pest I had no idea what he was doing in town I didn't care I just hoped it wouldn't be that important I asked him if he'd rather come in I live across the street it's cool and there's cold soda in the fridge That might have been a bit of a rough offer but I didn't mean anything by it Well he didn't say no He came in we sat down in the dining room I offered him a soda and we started talking()


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