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- 17 -
We spent a long happy week alone on the watch but it wasn't just that week that was happy We usually had a good time over the next few weeks months Especially our parents but usually our environment is used to the gradual transformation of our way of life into the way married couples live We were together day and night and sometimes we called each other husband and wife Sometimes we'd say something in front of our friends who'd laugh at it first but then they realized they'd be happy to take it from us if they'd found their partner just as much as we did We hardly ever fought At one of the summer garden parties Joli wondered about it
- You guys don't fight?
Jofi and I had a big look
- Squabbling? For what? We agree on important things otherwise we wouldn't be together And unimportant nonsense is not worth ruining our mood by fussing for our own good
The rest of the company did not listen to the conversation so this simple exchange of ideas did not reach all of our friends and many still did not understand how we could live with each other in calm love without a hitch
Of course there was an additional factor in the existence of peace in our souls that all our work was done with complete devotion and that we did not need to tease each other as boredom
On the radio Juliet gave us a hard drive
On the first day he bet that in the ribbon-cutting room others had already taken our seats and that made us feel bad that we were only in a good mood when we realized that he was teasing us and that this summer he wasn't picking us out of the usual student positions he was taking us along and employing us as interns
- I want you to get used to being punctual and fast - he told me and he gave me a short deadline for everything
Order order every job imaginable he gave us a little We've been editing lead lines we've been writing news we've been collecting material for reports we've been cutting ribbons and gluing in enormous amounts and just when we thought it was all of our work he sent us out with the field reporter to hold the microphone It didn't mean anything we just escorted the reporter and watched him work Later under the supervision of an older colleague we cut the coverage before it went on the air
In August he considered that we would be able to do a brief report on the hardship of foreigners on holiday in Budapest on our own and we were not ashamed He accepted our work and sent me to Lake Balaton with two other reporters to make a story about the end of the season This time he treated us more freely and not only gave us half a minute of news he distributed the work as an equal correspondent between the four of us
We were very proud of our previously accepted materials but they were captured at a fortunate moment which we made without any obligation but the report tour in Lake Balaton was a task that was not born out of pleasure but at the chief's request and we realized that it was much more difficult than to see the subject on the ground and work it out It was a real pleasure when we put the whole hour show which was the equal work of the four of us on the air
- That was your entrance exam - I was surprised to hear Juliet say that when the show went down - In the youth section we always hire outside staff who regularly come to work for us throughout the year Do you want to be interns?
Of course we did
- I won't be your boss but I'll keep an eye on you
We were aware that we were going to work a lot that we would work all the time in addition to studying but since we did not intend to fight with gangsters this winter we were not afraid to be busy
In September the physics teacher the school radio station installed a computer This was not much more modern than the one we used in our house or at the Zsófi's but it was perfect for word processing and it made our work much easier by not having to write everything down on paper and because of the improvements in the text it was unnecessary to make useless copies
Jófi and I have always come to school together because we either stayed at their house or at our house All we had to do was make sure there were no complaints that we were neglecting the family and since we didn't have to waste time going home to our own bed at night the weird thing was that we could spend more time together not just with each other but with our parents so we had peace of mind and no parent would look at us sulking if we weren't home for a few days They knew when the two or three days were up they'd be next and we'd spend a few days and nights there()


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