Always late! She sayd just two minutes before dinner with friends!

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I couldn't wait to get home As soon as I walked in the door I called sis on the phone He gently blew me off saying he'd call me back because he can't talk right now Well I'm all alone with my thoughts I have to admit I thought my relationship with the Ju was much simpler after that particular night I've never wanted a woman more than her It means that I am in love with him that I have rejected him because I barely know him (but I may not even have the courage to admit it to myself) but it has a crazy effect on me that's for sure I didn't know where we were In fact I've wanted it for a long time but it just started to come to me Not to mention sister I couldn't stop thinking about him I wanted them both This is definitely sick You can't have two girls at once On top of that she's my sister I'm sure I'm the only one who's crazy I ate something in agony but I didn't even know what I was eating
My phone rang soon Sis called me back
- Hi - hi - I said hello
- Tell me what's wrong - straight to the point
- Wow I have no idea where I stand with him Sometimes it's wonderful sometimes it drives me away - I complained
- You think it's getting rid of him when he's busy? - you asked me mischievous
- But he's so dismissive sometimes and sometimes he drives me crazy
- A man who barely noticed her
- That's coming from you…
- A man should be pushy
- You women are nuts
- Take her to the movies
- Well you're good for me too When do I see you?
- Why do you want to see me?
- You can't just see it you can feel it
- Is that a request?
- Take it
- I'll see what I can do In any case Zhu has a crush on you
 Well I'm glad to hear you're hiding it well
 It's like she spent the night with you
- Do you know that or are you asking me?
- I told you we're really good friends He's like a brother to me
- I'm out of the water with you guys - I complained to him
- …
- Well that's very helpful Bye Sis - of course that's not what I meant at all
- You too Brother
He hung up on me I've been thinking This movie's a good idea I looked it up There was a romantic movie in one of the shopping malls I called Zhu
- Do you want to go to the movies tonight? - I did
- Maybe you don't just want to fuck me? - he asked me back his voice was ugly
- Guess what? - I tried to answer in the same way
- All right It's good after 6: 00 Where do we meet?
- At your place I'll pick you up at 6: 30
- Okay I'll be waiting
And he hung up on me This is my day apparently I have to find a way to pass the time by tonight I went to the grocery store I filled up the fridge to make sure there was something for food and my liquor supply I couldn't get those two girls out of my head I've been through miracles with them like I've never experienced with anyone else I think a lot of my fellow men would envy that I read then I got ready I took a bath I got dressed Go get it
He was on time And mind-blowing pretty As soon as I looked at him I felt the urge again A short light blue skirt with beautiful legs under it a white T-shirt and a bra under it (which I would like to replace) but only slightly through the T-shirt Her every move has a seductive femininity every gesture every mimic makes me stupid I got out I hugged him I kissed him I opened the car door
He got in I'll get in I started it I didn't last longI had to touch him I put my hand on his knee He told me of some work that I could hardly understand though I tried to follow but it was very difficult for me There was a lot of traffic but I was trying not to do anything stupid when I was driving We've arrived
I asked for tickets on the internet We can go in now They barely made it to the movies We sat in the back row there was no one there but us and the three rows in front of us were old We were comfortable and I put my hand on his shoulder behind him
We didn't have to watch the commercials for longthe movie started early The suffering of a married couple the woman's affair sometimes with passionate lovemaking
Zhu came closer to me at the beginning of the film put his head on my shoulder
As soon as I smelled her intoxicating scent I forgot about the movie I was more concerned with how to slip my hand into her breast First I caressed her through a dress barely touched her and then I just held my hand a little No reaction but at least he didn't object I was a little nervous on the chair because the front of my pants was getting tighter and tighter Sometimes I looked at the screen but I didn't see much of it because my mind was somewhere else There was finally some kissing in the movie and I leaned over her hips and kissed her on the neck Well that's when he finally got a little shudder With my other hand I caressed her beautiful thigh caressing her inner side He opened his legs slightly so I could continue to caress him


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