Step Sister and Brother Brandi Love

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In a strange way I had to experience the worst experience of my life to get into heaven's lust-filled world On Saturday I went on my daily bike ride I was on my usual route when suddenly a car came out of a side street and hit me from the side As a result of the collision half my calf muscle was severed so he had to be rushed to the hospital immediately A few hours later I was pulled out of the O R where the injury was repaired They told me I had to stay at least two weeks because I needed constant supervision I was lucky that my mom worked at the hospital so I got some discounts and I got a private room where I was the only one They put me in my room I talked to my mom
She said the night nurse would look at me often I was secretly hoping that I wouldn't be taken care of by some creep but by a nice young nurse My mom went home because it was late A few minutes later she came into my roomshe introduced herself her name was Monika said If I needed anything she'd come by often Her voice left her lips with velvet giving me pleasure in every word While she was organizing my things I could admire her fragile tight youthful body White trousers stretched at the bottom and a beautiful round butt underneath and a line of thong appeared from among the segments I felt better right away I've had a lot of fantasies about patients and nurses anyway Plus the white dress is one of my favorites
Well I got the impression that my manhood was ready to go but luckily camp was undetected by Moni as she was on her way out She went out the door I looked at rocking's ass and I was getting more and more crazy about her In the absence of stimulus my wiener slowly calmed down but then it swung into the door with an infusi bag in its hand He looked at me with his blue eyes and smiled and he approached my bed and bent down to bind the solution Meanwhile my eyes wandered towards her youthful breasts the outline of which I could see through the unbuttoned garbon she threw her long brown hair over to the other side and then I felt this erotic and bodacious scent coming from all over her body
I haven't experienced that since When I looked at his face he Poised his tongue a little and moistened his lips Unfortunately I couldn't look long because he was very good at hooking up the infuzio and he was already turning from me towards the end of the bed I was so gawking I didn't notice my rugged masculinity that once again turned the blanket into a tent camp Moni already noticed that I was ashamed I was red-hot and then she looked at me and said with a naughty smile that I was very active today He stormed out of the room again
I thought it wouldn't be too much of a night for me but there's nothing I can do about it now I mean I knew I was touching myself in agony and I started massaging my penis and I started pulling it faster and faster under the blanket It must have been half an hour before the door suddenly opened and Monica swung in I tried to hide what I was doing but I think he knew it very well He closed the door and locked it He walked up to my bed slowly slipping his hands under the quilt and sensuously giving me a kiss Meanwhile I could feel his hands touching my most irritable part of the body and his fingers touching my phallus He slowly started moving his hands up and down I haven't been idle either
I reached under his cape with one hand and started caressing his pretty little pussy I felt a little moisture on the pantshe must have been really horny Meanwhile I started massaging her breasts with my other hand They were very handy pieces Meanwhile our tongues were dancing passionately and we were still busy with each other's glowing lips I didn't care about anything anymore I wanted him I wanted him to feel his hot body riding my tail and I wanted to see his face enjoying the throbbing cock in his cunt He was no different We kissed hot as our hands caressed each other's bodies


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