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The team went to the locker room at the end of the grueling workout Some of them were still walking around in a dress some were wearing only sports shorts and some were now wearing only sweaty underwear when in the hallway of the training camp building amid the sharp knock of the cleats the team went swimming and changing The players undressed in order to get into the shower the hot water would soak up the fatigue of the exercise as soon as possible David and Wayne took their time The levels of lactic acid accumulated in their bodies slowly subsided and they sat tired in front of their lockers on the bench The others were finished when two of the team's aces headed for the shower They were both naked David walked behind Wayne with a smile of appreciation "Such a young man with such fine muscles is rarely seen" he thought They got into the showerand the hot water fluttered on their skin That's when David realized that young Wayne's genitals had started to rise half-hard with the gentle fluttering effect of warm water The firm skin of the dark red circumcised Mace-Head at the end began to go into pre-explosion state
- What's up boy your girlfriend Colleen still ain't up to it? - David asked
 She won't let me love her until after we're married - Wayne answered
- Explain to him that all that training is making you so tense that it ends up at the expense of your performance
- I told him but he told me to take my stress away
 Then buy yourself a nice young prostitute that might help Or there's the young bitches hanging around the team Any one of them would love to spread their legs for you A "health fuck" like that will calm you down It'll relieve the tension in you and help you focus on the game Then you won't kick the gates like you did today You almost broke the crossbar If our goalkeeper hadn't instinctively caught his head from the rebound ball he would have taken it with a concussion If you were in a perfect state of mind balls like that would all end up in the bedroom
- Colleen said If I cheated on her she'd leave me And I love her very much I feel like I've found the perfect match for my life I don't want to put this relationship on the line for a hooker or a little bitch's hot pussy I just don't want this damn tension working subconsciously
 If you have such a serious relationship and you're imagining your future together at least move in together Maybe then he'll be more reasonable
 I already promised her an engagement and we're planning our wedding but she won't give me an advance
- If he's gonna deny you the Virgin's pussy at least let me in his ass or with his beautiful lips or his hand to help you
- He won't do any of that After we get married she keeps saying
- Then help yourself Jerk off to yourself
 If you only knew how many times a week I do it So it's not the right one You see it feels warm even if it's just water and it's standing like the mast of your sailboat
"By the way" said David " I think of the sailboat" Our next weekend will be free Master Ericson doesn't train Come with your girlfriend we'll sail from Friday to Sunday for a good foursome Bring a passport we'll fly to Spain We're gonna party we're gonna get some rest and then we're gonna be able to handle the load better Take the invitation 90% sure because Victoria and I haven't discussed it yet I just remembered I'm sure he'll agree And our children will be taken care of by Grandma for a few days
- Thanks for the inviteI think my girlfriend's gonna love it She loves Colleen Victoria she has all the records Really they haven't even met and I've only met your wife once She's a wonderful woman It must be so good for you She's beautiful she's smart and she has a beautiful body
- No-no Wayne boy I might have to hide my wife from you you're so praising her
- I was just telling the truth I had a dream about him two nights ago and in the morning I had to change my pajamas and bedding and I had such a spontaneous ejaculation in my sleep The only eruption I ever made was Etna in its Prime My hormones left me alone for a whole day
- Listen Wayne boy If we win the European Championship with your goals I'll make sure you get your most secret desired sexual wish Think about it Two or three girls or more? Oral sex anal sex? Black white Asian or South American Indian girl? Is it a boy?
- You're an idiot I'm not into guys
- Think big boy And make sure you and Colleen talk about coming with us I'll talk to Victoria and we'll set up the field trip tomorrow after practice

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