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The night Kevin came back from training the shower was taken because his sister was in the shower Kevin waited a while but when he heard Linda was finally ready to take a shower he went in and asked:
- Did you leave some water for me sister?
Linda frottir in a bathrobe stood next to the tub with one foot against the edge of the tub lacquering her toenails
"I didn't take a long shower" he said
- Then what does "long" mean to you? - Kevin asked
- Whatever Take a shower and then we'll do the hair removal
The kid looked at his sister and he saw that he wasn't gonna give up what he had in mind
"I have everything ready in my room" continued Linda
- Well sis I don't know I'm sure my girlfriend will ask you that
 Oh Kevin Don't be such a philistine 'interrupted Linda and before her brother could continue she opened the white terry bathrobe
"If you don't remember I asked you this morning" he said - You don't like my clean-shaven pussy?
The guy looked at Linda's naked groin and said:
- That's not fair Linda
But you let him take a quick shower and rub the towel all over her body hold her hand and take her to her room On the bed lay a large white terry towelling next to it was a small glass pan with water and sponges and various cosmetic products
- Come on Kevin take off your bathrobe
The boy hesitated for a while but then he untied his belt and threw the bathrobe off his shoulder Linda pulled an electric hair clipper out of her drawer but at first Kevin protested in surprise
- You want to shave it with this?
- If I like it when I shaved my head Besides it's only the first time
So he sat Kevin on the bed kneeled between his legs and in a minute or two he shaved the pubic Hill clean As he held the penis with his other hand it grew hardened and rose in no time
Kevin looked down at his groin and fell up:
- It looks like I don't shave for three days
- Wait for it brother You can take the stubble off in the shower
- With this?
- No it's not All you have to do is take out most of it The rest with a straight razor Now spread your legs More This
That's a compliment you already said Kevin's Dick came up as a spear
- It'll help me access your scrotum
- Yeah yeah but be careful ' cause that's very sensitive Don't cut me
"Don't worry brother your tools are too expensive for me to cut" he smiled with a smile and drew the cutting machine through the tight scrotum and then through the male member that appeared as a pole
When he was finished he gave a quick kiss to the Acorn on the top of the stiff-standing cock and then he took a tube from the ground and put liquid gel in his hand
"It's a skin softener and it's to keep your skin from itching" he said
With the gel he smeared the pubis first then the bag and then with his slippery fingers he embraced the hard-standing stripped-down male member and began to beat him properly
"It must be firm" said he with a serious face " so it is easier to shave"
"That's fine" said Kevin " but if you don't stop I'm going to come"
"All right" said Linda " I will spare you for now"
He let go of the rising rod and gently smeared the boy's eggs and the remaining stubble on the male member Then he looked with satisfaction at the blood vessels running through the hard pole and with his fingers almost reverently stroked the tail
- No no no no - Kevin moaned  If you're gonna do this I can't vouch for myself
- Yeah yeah I just wanted to feel how good the skin was here I'm just gonna check here okay?
With it he stretched out his tongue and licked the smooth-shaven scrotum
Then he released the pole and surveyed his "work" He was very pleased with the results and if he didn't want to finish the hair removal he would have liked to have a quick fuck with his brother But then her sense of Duty prevailed because sex involves foreplay and that would have distracted her So she gave Kevin instructions in The Voice of a hospital nurse:
- Get on the bed
Kevin went to bed Linda took out a razor
- Is that dad's razor? - Kevin asked
- I only used that at the beginning This is my razor now I use it every day in the shower
- Every day? - Kevin asked - Doesn't it irritate your skin?


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