Don’t Tell Mommy

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It's a cry-out story all the similarities are blah blah blah random
 Gabi I need you in my office right now - she screamed in the clam CEO He ran a huge construction company with nearly 2000 employees The young marketer was hired two months ago and although she looked good her employment was primarily based on her education and her excellent academic career And of course the intervention of one of his tennis partners who might have had a niece of some kind
While you were waiting for Gabi you calmed down a little and reviewed the contract again She made nearly two million HUF advertising with one of the local newspapers without asking In fact he signed the contract on his behalf For a few seconds he even thought about firing her but then he changed his mind There are other ways to teach him a lesson he smiled and offered
Low knock
'Miss V is here' said the secretary and Gabi who had no idea rushed into the office
'Hello director I was just about to talk to you about the promotional materials for the new residential complex' said Gabi giving her a polite smile to her boss
- Wait a minute miss we need to talk about something else first-and you pushed the contract in front of him
A fleeting Cloud RAN over her face and she began to speak
- Yeah - yeah uh I was gonna mention that He was in Germany for two weeks and I didn't have time to wait for him to come back and the " X " newspaper offered a very advantageous contract to advertise the mall which is the
- Wait a minute miss Do you realize what you've done? - he came at her
- As I said the offer had to be answered immediately and the contract was rushed I didn't think so
'Miss this is a forgery' said the chief again in a calm ominous cold voice
The girl's mouth was almost curled to tears holding the armrest of the chair in which she sat In his agitation he breathed rapidly resting under his white short-sleeve blouse his round breasts rose and sank
 I was just looking out for the company and I didn't think you'd resent it and you can see that this is a very advantageous contract trying to save the day
- You still don't get it? It's a matter of principle you cheat you fake you go to jail
- But you are I didn't think you would
- I'll notify the authorities and your career is over
There was a great silence and the leader still looked at Gabi with cold eyes who in his nervousness wrung her hands in her lap He was beginning to realize that his overzealous behavior had been so foolish He looked up at his boss but the look on his chest only made him more nervous
- Well yes I'll notify the authorities unless Look miss I have to admit you're very prettymaybe we can find another way to make up for your mistake
Gabi stared at her boss with her big eyes You just don't want that
 Of course it's up to you though when you think about it a few years in prison
- You can't do that
- Yes you can and I'm telling you what I can and can't do Let's play the cards cut the crap Here's the deal: I'll have it for a month literally It satisfies all my wishes there and whenever I want it You will obey my every command if I wish you to dance naked on my desk
- I beg you that's impossible you can't wish for that Gabi didn't want to believe her ears No this isn't happening to her this humiliation she can't stand
- Miss it's your call My offer is a month against a few years in prison And I guarantee you the former will be enjoyable for you the leader smiled
Gabi stared at him with astonishment her lips trembled He fiddled with his hand on the edge of his miniskirt and as he now realized his somewhat provocative attire nervously tried to smooth it down
- It's 12: 00 nowI'll see you in my office at 2: 00 in the afternoon If you don't hear from me I'll call the authorities " said the man

10 minutes before 2: 00 pm CEO told his secretary he could go home He was sucking on a glass of gin taking off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt
At two o'clock Sharp a low knock was heard and then Gabi entered the office He was pale and a little frightened and slowly passed through the room and stopped at the boss's table
- So you accepted my offer You did the right thing
Gabi couldn't bear to look at him and according to her bad habit he tampered with the bottom of her skirt
"Take off your clothes" said the Chief turning to a quiver
The girl looked up scared for a few seconds she seemed to run out of the room but finally she was okay with unbuttoning her blouse She came out of it took off her shoes and slid her skirt down()


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