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Once Upon a time there lived a sweet noble young girl Eniko He's had a strict moral upbringing his whole life But he was tired of it he wanted to break out he wanted to do things that no one else could He was driven by his blood and desires which they didn't let him live out
One day her stepmother caught her looking at herself naked in the mirror to get to know her body and to satisfy her burning desires with her own hands The family decided to send her to a convent to stay clean until her wedding day
The convent was cold and scary on the outside Eniko's cell was small dirty and uncomfortable The abbess was a strict woman who seemed to be a very beautiful woman once upon a time but time was beginning to wear her light out Her roommate was a girl named Agnes who was probably sent here for the same reasons as her
After they had settled the minister turned to them and said:
- My daughters you are here to preserve your purity for your husbands because but men like clean and well-groomed girls Go take a bath I'll send a nurse to take care of you They took off their clothes a little shy they'd never seen anything naked but themselvesthey were a little embarrassed Eniko was pleased that her roommate was beautiful her skin silky her bottom round and shapely but she had a bigger and fuller bosom than she did He had a fair long blonde hair and the other girl was covered with fluffy blond hair while the other girl was boasting with a flaming red pubic but she had a little pattern in her (as if she were an arrow or perhaps a lightning)
Soon the nurse came in to clean them up He waved Eniko to come with him now and take nothing He took her into a dark room put her on a chair and before she could say anything he strapped her in making her immobilized He tied his legs apart to a pole leaving him completely at the mercy of anyone's will After that he began to wash her body with rough movements The cold water gave her goose bumps and her nipples were all hard The rough movements caused her breasts to dance in a komotos dance while she was tied up and allowed to wash After finishing the cleaning nurse said " You're not going to like it this bad We're gonna cut you The smooth smooth modesty of beauty and curiosity " he pulled the strap on his legs and smeared his modesty with some kind of foam With careful movements he began to remove the hair from between the girl's legs to provide a delectable view of her still intact pussy When he removed the last strand he spilled a bucket of water threw him a change of clothes and escorted him back to his quarters Then he took his roommate to wash up
While he was waiting in the cell he began to look at the new man's vulva and he had to agree that it was more exciting to look at then the abbess came in but now he looked different but he couldn't decide why
"My daughter" said he " I have promised your father that as long as you are with us no man shall touch you and I shall hold you to that"
Eniko lowered her head but the woman gently touched and raised her head and said:
"Don't be so sad" he smiled " I was your age and my father sent me here for you I know how to cheer you up So he ripped her rags off grabbed her waist and pulled her over to him
- You're gonna enjoy this I guarantee it - he whispered So he starts kissing her chest playing her tongue out with her nipples He took off his clothes so there were two naked The prior had perhaps bigger and fuller breasts which despite his age were still wonderfully firm and shapely Her butt was just perfect He pushed her into her bed stretched her legs apart and started kissing the freshly shaved pubis and then he went to his clitoris Eniko felt the warmth in her body her breathing became disorganized He began to caress her breasts with his hands enhancing the experience of stimulating her clitoris The lust made her vagina wet()


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