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After dinner I walked slowly into the Camp room changed for the night out It's just a pair of jeans and a cool top ' cause we were in training camp and we had to show a certain level of upbringing I was with Attila a few days ago but ever since we hooked up it's been like eternity It's what I've always wanted to be with him in pairs and now it's happening They knock I open the door there's Attish in my favorite outfit His jeans and his plaid shirt make me want him I'll throw a kiss on his mouth that'll make me tremble She gives me little tongue kisses and then a little kiss on the lips and then softly whispers in my ear " Come on let's go""
We headed to the pub where the team was located Everyone was drinking including us Attila invited me for a glass of beer with a common male courtesy and he went to play foosball and I slowly drank him away He approached her with a triumphant head and gave me a faint kiss on the neck and said " let's go for a walk" Through the narrow narrow streets of Tiszafüred we go hand in hand Let's look at the rest of the bar and the rest of the club As we got to the banks of the Tisza Attila dragged me down to a small wooden dock In front of us was the faint sound of the river and from a distance was the music of the nearby disco I was a little distracted in the beauty of the stars and the full moon when I felt my partner's strong hand on my thigh and his kiss on my neck
I was shaking as he pulled his playful tongue over my sensitive neck He went from bottom to top where he stopped at my ear and began to excite my comppa with little bites Then sliding down my face I felt her lips again on my lips I could feel every little touch of his tongue on my lips He started slowly taking off my sweater slipping down and as he took it off from top to bottom with his little kisses in the middle of my torso She took off my black bra and she could already see my nipples hardening with excitement Attila pulled the mild garment aside and massaged the left with the right kisses In my nipples who rushed and sometimes gently bit her I've been filled with a desire I've never felt before
Slowly his hand moved towards my back to turn off the cover of the apples and after a minute he saw my body completely naked He seemed to like the view We sat up and I slowly began to gently unbutton his shirt while my neck and lips were given the little kisses As I sat on it I could feel his erect phallus I felt the urge to eat it and feel every vein crawling through it As soon as I got rid of his shirt I started playing with him First down the sternum then down the muscular plaid abdomen and then I stopped at his navel That's where I began to pamper her with little kisses and the end of my tongue while my hands were at the bottom of my hand clawing at the farmer's buttons and zipper
When the pants were off he would have pushed my head down but I felt I had to pull a little bit more I went through his lower abdomen again when I could smell the sweet smell of pubic hair on my chin I couldn't take it anymore I started playing with the testicles I licked my hand all the way down to the sky and it was all over the wall I had a full experience and I ended up licking the flagpole for a long time From top to bottomI finally got it It didn't quite go in my mouth because I wasn't that experienced but I wanted to improve my technique Attila caught my hair to see my face while I play with my mouth and his pride I started sucking without a rhythm until I finally felt it shake and shoot out
I swallowed the sensual SAP slowlyand I felt the condition slowly quivering I licked his surroundings clean and then Atti lifted my head and said "Now it's my turn" and he took off my pants which I was still wearing with tremendous dexterity He's had experience unlike me I could feel my black thong soaking wet When he took my pants off he was also going from top to bottom First he slipped through my calf and then he kissed my vigorously goose-pimped thigh()


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