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On a Saturday afternoon I was walking through the mall in boredom and thinking ahead it was almost the end of the year and I had to buy something for myself and for myself to fulfill the gift-giving ritual I started to shake when someone pulled a fast one on my waist The answer was a laugh: Zita was fooling around with me while Ildiko watched my surprise with a smile In short in a short half-hour we talked about our most important news to each other and then the boys showed up Béla and Sanyi have been checking the floor themselves so far I think they've been studying the supply of the sex shop in the backThey were having lunch with the four of us and they quickly persuaded me to go with them It was a late lunch at a quiet and quiet restaurant that operated in a green area on the outskirts of town typically specialised in wild food The meal was long hours of good spirits and it was getting dark as we set out on our way home
The girls cheated on me to party with them they're gonna end the day at Ildi's and from the looks of it that's where they're gonna start tomorrow I asked a little but Bela talked me into it telling me that we had this conversation the other day after the party in the basement
We settled in the billiard room and soon they fused not the bone balls but the glasses and bottles The hostess quickly put cold food on the table everything was in the mood Zita and Sanyi had a very close conversation and then she pulled her shoulder and leaned on the pool to watch her date Sanyi greeted her voice after telling her that she was planning to punish Zita for cutting her head off last week If you don't mind they'll sort this out quickly here so you don't think the young lady can do anything with impunity It sounded interestingI had no idea what was coming Ildiko who sat next to me smiled with a positive smile and whispered that I should listen because this will be interestingZitus began to undress without a word first out of his blouse and then out of his pants She took off her stockings and unzipped her bra and then in a pair of panties she stood at the end of the pool table and looked waiting at Alexander He told her to take off her panties and then she stepped behind the naked girl made him close her thighs and pushed her shoulder over her upper body on the table It was nice to see Zita's shapely white body touching the poison-green cloth His hands protruded forward clenching the coffee his red hair covered his face and collapsed on the cloth
"What you have done will give you a proper spanking" said Alexander to his already vulnerable partner but he intended to say something just as much to us He stood sideways stretched out his belt and then flung the belt in two and in the next movement he struck across the bottom which stretched before him He waited a little while and hit his ass again The blows struck one after the other leaving behind reddening spots and Zita groaned more and more after each blow I wanted to step in but Ildi held me back and she said " Relax it's just a role play Zita enjoys getting her ass beat up and that's what turns her on" I could see Red's face from the side and he shook his head and he moaned but his Moan was already lustful Her buttocks flinched from the blows and her white skin blushed thoroughly from the swaying blows She was crying and Sanyi took a break and gently caressed her tormented shapely ass
Then he resumed his punishment half a dozen more times the belt snapped and the butt twitched from the insult to him and the wailing became a scream The torture was over and Zita wanted to get up and Sanyi pushed her back on the table and looked at Béla who watched the show with a full-on smile Now he put down his glass and stood behind Red and started stroking his red behind He caressed her and gave her a massage which brought out a good groan from the mouth of the tortured girl He spanked the thighs and now touching the cunit he continued his pain-relieving massage
Meanwhile Sanyi leaned back in a chair pulled out his steely tail watched the youth work Ildi moved to him and with a smooth move he stumbled upon the penis deep in his mouth Meanwhile life did not stop and the host he must have felt it his duty comforted the sufferer with his trousers on his ankles and his tail in the cunny Zita screaming and ejaculating wildly Bela was able to handle the load by pulling his dick out and seeing that I was in my pants he waved his head in I didn't want to understand the call but when he repeated it I stopped resisting Zita meanwhile stood up and I undressed took her place bent over the table and threw my butt upon my arm I was humping myself looking sideways and I saw Ildi's mouth pop the gun and the thick cum popping out of his tit I too was amped up waiting for pleasure whimpering my partner fixed me on my clitoris before I came and soon I felt the juice squirting away in me
The first act was very hectic it took us a while to get through the pleasure scale I enjoyed the hot bath we nursed each other with Zitus and then I put lotion on her butt He said it was nothinghe'll be gone in two days He deserved to be punished anyway because he didn't ask her so she invited the parents over for the weekend and her boyfriend was planning something else
The music was loud the team moved to the other room I could see how much the rib wall could be used: Ildi was standing at the second degree clinging at shoulder height and with her hips pushed back she pushed herself on her husband's steeple beneath him Bela grasped the base of his tail and drew the volcano upon him at every stroke while he urged his wife to fuck again
Ildi squeezed this prick lay on his back on the carpet and beckoned Sanyi to him holding his tail and throwing his hips between his legs She was in a good mood I've never seen her so sensual and free He had this day and he took full advantage of the fact that he had two males at his disposal
Zitu and I smiled understanding and what to do we dealt with each other She licked me so sensuously she stopped me several times at the gates of pleasure and I was already shaking to enter "Not yet" he said And kneeling to me he touched his opening crack to my face and I licked and sucked the girl and with my hands I moved his butt above me He leaned forward and as I moaned into his vagina he opened my body and flew me to the stars with his hot agile tongue I was out of my mind my body writhing on the carpet and he with a twitch of his hips signaled his own pleasure with his handsAfter we had almost everyone we gave ourselves over to cultural activity and watched movies and what was shown to us by the current show Ildi was in his element frenching Sanyi until it was operational again then kneeling towards him and riding him hard he fired the gun again
Zita and I went up to our room holding hands and snuggling together stroking the other gay body of a girl to sleep


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