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When Tash woke up after a night with his new mistress Liz on her bedside table she found a letter and a vibrator that could fit into her butt"Good morning my little slave I want you to stick this little toy up your ass You can only take mejd out if I let you I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the vibrator in your virgin ass yesterday Liz"Tash smiled and with a sudden gesture he inserted the device into place:
- Ahhh
It hurt a little but he was starting to like the feeling
"How strange It's nice"'he thought to himself
That's when someone was banging on the door:
 Hey Tash it's ay Jenny Our plane leaves for England in an hour so pull yourself together and hurry
Tash tried to answer but because of the toy on his butt it didn't work:
- J good I'm coming - he got it out
- Tash are you okay? Do you need any help? - I heard Jenny's worried voice
- No no it's fine I'll be ready in five minutes "the Hamilton girl replied quickly to reassure her friend"
- Okay I'll see you in the parking lot
Tash put on her panties and a very very tight black leather pants and a green top Then he combed his hair took his bag and ran down to the parking lot Jenny and Liz were standing there when she arrived
- Good Morning Tash - said Liz with a devil's smile
- Uh good morning my lady  that was just a whisper from Tash so Jenny wouldn't hear While Jenny got into the big black limousine Liz Tash looked her in the eye :
- I hope you like my little gift
- Oh yeah It feels a little strange my lady but I think I'm enjoying it more and more
- Come on girls - Jenny yelled at them from the limo Liz and Tash got in the car and headed to Hanover airport They had just reached the plane and when it took off they all sat back in their seats
- Home Sweet Home - Jenny sighed - I can't wait to have a nice English beer Haha I was just kidding Now if you'll excuse me I have to go to the bathroom and he stood up and went out
 So did you enjoy last night Tash? - Liz asked as they were left alone
 Yeah it was the best sex I've ever had Thank You Liz
- Hey you "what are you looking at?
- Well uh Aren't you the famous band Atomic Kitten from England? - he asked
- Yeah we're Atomic Kitten from England baby Why are you staring at Tash with those eyes huh?
- What do you mean"those eyes"?
 You men all look the same when you're attracted to a girl You want to fuck my little girlfriend
Neema became quiet the man stared at Liz in silence stunned
 Tash go with this man to the bathroom and suck his dick
- What? Liz he's a complete stranger - Natasha came out
Liz responded with a slap:
- Who am I? Who the hell am I you little bitch?
'My lady' replied Tash in a repentant tone
- Exactly your mistress You're damn right And if I want you to suck someone's dick in the John you're gonna suck their dick Is that clear?
- Yeah Liz-Tash got up and went to the toilet where Jenny just came out:
- I'm done here What Tash are you going?
'Oh yes I must too' replied Tash blushing
'Afterwards' said Liz to the man The guy stood up and followed Natasha Hamilton's round ass with a grin
As they went in Tash locked the door knelt in front of the man and opened his fly This guy's six-inch hard-ass dick just popped right out of his head
 Well now you're not just a star you're a slave too huh? - the guy asked her as Natasha grabbed his tool and smiled at it - You're a little cocksucker that's what you are
Tash was starting to like the dirty words He put the whole pole in his mouth and started nodding The man was moaning
- Oh yeah I'm Gonna Fuck Natasha Hamilton In The Mouth Ahhh That's it Yeah deep down your throat baby
Tash grabbed her by the hair and pushed her tail deeper and deeper
- That's it - and he pulled his pole out of the kneeling girl's mouth and put his hot lava on her pretty face The first shot came to Natasha's nose and then she quickly took the pulsating cue and the rest of the stuff went straight to her throat Tash swallowed them all but a little bit went down to his top
"Shit "he thought" What if Jenny sees it?"
The man smiled with satisfaction:
- That was wonderful you little bitch - then he pulled up his pants cleaned up and went out Natasha on her own tried to clean her face and as she licked the sticky stuff off her fingers she thought:
"I think I'm starting to like this slave thing"Atomic Kitten 3: Natasha


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