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It was a normal boring day the hours were monotonous A lot of people were already burning up because it was women's day and there was a college party at one of the dorms last night Some waited for the evening to celebrate women's day with their partners and some of them were not at all excited about March 8th
Evelin waited all day all he really wanted was a little message from his friend but maybe on the phone tonight you'll tell me Everyone around Evelin was getting ready Her roommates went to the frat party invited her to celebrate women's day and believe me it'll be fun but Evelyn didn't want to go In his mind images of a whole different kind of celebration began to unfold perhaps that would be as good She could not wait for everyone to leave and lock herself in the room so she could pamper herself in the gentle dim light so he can live out his fantasies She wanted to be satisfied more than anything and sometimes she felt her pussy clustered It wasn't far from tomorrow when she met her lover and they could make love
But Evelyn wanted something else he wanted to give himself pleasure But he wasn't alone yet the girls were still getting ready painting themselves Evelin lay on the bed and waited yearning for the lust that awaited her and sometimes stole her breast he shuddered by his own touch felt that al could enjoy a minute of his time by touching his pants But he couldn't and he didn't want to He didn't want an ordinary masturbator He wanted to satisfy you his desires For him it was a ritual where all his secret desires could be found for he should not be ashamed of himself
His roommates were leaving Evelin waited a little longer afraid of being caught afraid of humiliation of shame but he was also excited by the anticipation his desire for the forbidden thing grew stronger He wanted to torture himself to get excited so much so that his juice would flow in streams that his body would freeze with desire to throb with her labia to make her vagina scream with emptiness emptiness he wanted to feel the throbbing of his clitoris He wanted everything a man has never given him the pain the prolonged desire for fulfillment All she ever wanted was for her boyfriend to pamper her until she was crazy and only to get her to the top when she was screaming and begging for pleasure
That's the lust you wanted to feel today Although he was pretty excited about it he sat on the computer and started looking online looking for pictures of girls stroking pampering licking kissing each other's bodies it's always been the first part of his ritual she didn't feel like a lesbian Not even bisexual He could just imagine himself in women's feelings looking at their faces almost feel their hands all over his body as he looked at the pictures he slowly got rid of his clothes: at first he stroked his nipples through a sweater but when it was no longer enough he almost tore off the unnecessary part of himself Then she rubbed her naked breasts with her whole hand caressing them()


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