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Carole hated getting up early in the morning especially when she had to go to school He ran because he was late(as usual) and all he had time for was a quick shower and he went into the kitchen to get a glass of milk Her mother Karen was also a late riser and Carole tried to walk quietly and not wake her up He went into the living room with his milk and as he pulled the curtain back he saw his mother's clothes near the couch
As soon as he picked them up he lifted the panties and examined the Triangle The semen stain was obviously there and he forgot his milk focused on licking the sperm off the dirty panties The devilish 15-year-old remarked that he would have to ask his mother where he was screwing and he was cursing at her watch(shit) I'm gonna be late and he ran to the door
Five minutes later he was climbing the school steps when he met his bitch girlfriend Jill "Hi Carole you look tired" he said "I'm not tired" he said as he told me his morning "I was really wondering who fucked my mom and I didn't have time to get ready properly" "I can help you with that" said Jill "Come to the bathroom now" They fit tight in the booth that Jill said they would "Drop your panties" and he started going through her purse "What are you looking for?" Carole asked "We don't have time for anything"
"We have time for this" said Jill He took out a wire connected to an egg "I ordered it in the mail you shove it up your pussy the control box allows you to vibrate I've tried it and it's fantastic "As Carole looked at it he could smell his young girlfriend's pussy on plastic "Yes I believe you tried it" laughed Jill got down on her knees and shoved it up Carole's pussy her lips were wet with excitement He opened his legs a little wider so he could push them hard into his pussy "He's in" he said and he licked Carole's clitoris and at that moment the bell rang "Hell they both said "" quick pull your panties up and it'll hide the wire " Jill then stuck the little control box in Carole's pants and set it low and lowered her skirt "Perfect" he said "Let's go" in her pussy she found the vibe delicious
He noticed a slight swing on his chair the movement of his panties on his clitoris combined with the vibrations was enough to make him go away Geography once math twice Fucking is the only thing that makes math more fun During the break they were standing in the hallway with some of their girlfriends "What's it like?"'said Jill in a whisper so no one else could hear "She fucks brilliantly" said Carole"my panties are soaking wet" As they stood there Jill gently reached into Carole's skirt and set it to maximum with a smile Carole's lower abdomen jumped as she pulsed full power into her vagina and her burning clitoris gave her another orgasm
He'll probably fall if Jill doesn't catch him "Turn it off Turn that fucking thing off" he begged me with his teeth clenched They apologized to their friends and went to the toilet "You fucking bitch" exploded from Carole in one of the stalls "I probably peed my pants" Jill laughed as she knelt "Let's see" As Carole lifted her skirt the smell of Pussy Attacked Jill's nostrils and covered her at the same time There was a huge wet spot on the front of Carole's panties and Jill started licking through the fabric Carole threw her head back as she felt her girlfriend's mouth and moaned "Oh suck it Jill"
Jill pulled Carole's panties sideways and pulled the egg out of Carole's body He started fingering Carole's pussy licking the egg clean As the bell rang the two fingers in his vagina and the sleeve rubbing his clitoris made Carole's body tremble with orgasm
As she pulled up her panties she kissed Jill and smelled her own flavor "Come on we're gonna be late again" As soon as Carole got home from school her mother was making dinner in the kitchen "Hi honey how was school?"he asked "It was very good" he replied describing the egg-shaped vibrator to his mother "He gave me a lot of orgasms My panties are soaking wet By the way I picked up your clothes this morning Who left his sperm on your panties?"His mother laughed and said" I was out with Marshall and his friend Ron last night
As soon as we got up to his apartment the door just closed and he jumped into Ron's neck He was fucking both of us"He wiped his hands and sat down "I just remembered" he continued " Where do you want to be during fall break?"Seriously where?" "Your aunt Lynn rented a house on a ranch and she wants us to join her"Yeah that's good"Carole wondered "Bill's going with him" giggled They go down Saturday they come in Monday afternoon I think Corrie's with them We leave on Tuesday and get picked up at the airport "This is going to be a naughty vacation" Carole said laughing He couldn't wait and tell Jill the way()


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