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I'm zhuzsa and my husband named Chaba has been happily married for ten years and has a beautiful child I have a cool business with my father-in-law who I call a guy because we don't have a father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship we're friends
Guy's a divorced man He's a regular athlete to this day and thanks to that his body is lying about his age a charming man who attracts female attention Still I was surprised he hasn't had a girlfriend for a long time It was nice to see if he was going to some business meeting in a suit or if he was helping Csaba in the garden work around our apartment topless At times like this I almost admired their muscular bodies who didn't know them thought they were brothers I kept thinking if I wanted to cheat on my husband I'd be looking for a man of the same type as him I've always tried to cook their favorite food at this time thanking them for letting me enjoy their bodies while they were working and I can't help but get my pussy wet
On such occasions Pali often remarked
- If you weren't married to Csaba I would have seduced you long ago you cook so well and you're also beautiful
 You're just saying that so you don't have to cook at home and you'd rather go to our house for lunch - I replied laughing
But I've noticed that there's more than one longing in his eyes when he looks at me And I remember to Chaba
- I feel like sometimes a guy takes his eyes off
- You wonder if he's a man and I don't wonder if he beats his dick every night to pamper your beautiful naked body - he answered
- You're an idiot I'm his daughter-in-law - though for a moment there was a glimpse of this guy lying on the bed with his dick in his hand and laughing and laughing while he was saying my name
It was time for our vacation and we started choosing our destination with Chaba but we haven't found what was right for both of us One thing we had in common was to be a nudist place because we love being naked
One night a guy showed up with a big smile on his face
 I'll give you a vacation but since we used to be on vacation together I'll go with you
- Thank you for that - I answered in a mood
I was glad he was paying for our vacation but now the nudist place is gone Csaba still thought it was a good idea I'm okay with it too ' cause at least it'll give someone to look after the kid But my joy didn't last long The child's teacher told me that the summer camp time would suddenly change and fall at the exact time we were going on vacation Csaba told me that I'm sure the three of us would have a good time
It was time to leave and even then we didn't know where we were going
- Surprise - he was calming us down
We packed our suitcases in Pali's car and didn't even stop till we got to the beach and then we slowly rolled into a hotel parking lot
We found out at the front desk that you brought us to a nudist place I was happy for him but I soon remembered that I'd be completely naked in front of him I remembered it for my husband when I moved it a little bit
- So what? You said he'd undress you with his eyes Now you're gonna undress yourself in front of him And you're not just gonna be naked she's gonna be naked -
- Thanks you calmed me down - I answered slightly offended
But the real surprise only came when we went to our room The room was beautiful the sea was beautiful The bedroom was separated from the bathroom by a huge transparent glass wall but luckily the toilet was closed
- That's wonderful - I got it
Csaba threw herself on her back on the huge French bed
- That's a good spring - he said laughing
- I'll be in the other room - that's what he said
I was shocked to see that our quarters were two rooms but the other room had no doors so the room was airtight
- You're kidding right? - I asked the guy in shock
- No I'm not This is the only room available when I made the reservation At least it's in a beautiful place - he answered
- How am I gonna enjoy making love to Chaba? - it came out of my mouth
 I've heard how much you enjoy sex when I'm sleeping at your house - he said laughing
I'm blushing
- Then you know more than I thought - and all three of us were laughing
We were unpacking and our clothes were soon off I was surprised but I really didn't mind being naked in front of this guy I even noticed that I was excited especially when I didn't see her naked in the eye but the "I would so lick your beautiful bald cunt" cravings Other men looked at me but the guy's eyes were burning my skin After two days it didn't bother me that he and Chaba were watching me shower in our room At this point both of them had a tent in the towel that was twisted around their waist


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