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Hello I would like to share with you a story that has radically changed our sex life with my partnerI may not be much of a storytellerbut I'm trying to be honest about what happened My fiancée and I have been together for nearly seven yearsand so far we have not thought of sleeping with anyone else leDe recently it was something I never imaginedA Friday noon a friend of mine picked it upto go out to their lot to make bacon and whatnotMe and Petra(my fiancée) liked the ideaEven a friend camebut Petra was the only girlWe were having a drinkand I noticed that Kares was trying to hit Petra with the windandinterestinglyhe was not bothered or agitatedand I saw that it was good for himI told him to be excitedto be flatteredbecause I I like the way she flirts with someone elseThey just stood up and said they were going to talk and disappeared in the dark behind the HouseI went after themand I saw them hugging in a hotsensual kissmoaning softly watching Kares reach under Petra's miniskirt and excite her pussyPetra took Kares's cock out of the shortsandwhat can I sayit was not a small dick and it was as if Petra had not been a fixed module crouched down and put Kares's tail in her mouthI was so turned on by the sight of itI started jerking off right away It was a wonderful sight to see a strange man suckling Petra They started moving faster and after about two minutes Karesz began to moan into Petra's blonde hairand he threw huge shots at her mouthThat made me squirt a big one on the side of the House I went back to the Houseand soon Petra appearedand she wanted to tell me what she had just had"I saw it allyou little sucker" I said to himand he smiled big and he seemed crazy that I liked it too He said Kares had so much shithe could barely swallow itI knew him when he got into sex he couldn't be stopped On the occasionI asked her if she wanted to be with more than one boy at a time "Why do I have a choice?"said PetraI don't think so The next two hours passed after Petra gave the boys what she called a dance foreplayI have to admit I've never been so excited about anything It was about 1: 00 when he figured out he was going to take a showerWhen he was done he showed up wearing a little top and a pair of panties I enjoyed seeing how much Kares and Gabor wanted it We talked about going upstairs going to bed and watching videos There was a huge double bed in the upstairs bedroomWe slept together so me Petra KaresGabor and we covered up I caressed Petra's thigh (tango and cash went: - ) ) and I got closer and closer to her pussyWhen I tried to caress her pussy and reached for herI felt another hand was already inside the bugyijábanAz the interesting thing was that everyone was watching tv (apparently) I kept stroking Petra and slowly started pulling her panties off my sidebut I felt Kares knew what I wanted and she was helping me pull them off the other side()


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