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It was after midnight when we got to the campsite He occupied a large area on the shore of Lake Balaton and despite the late hours he was full of people Although the fireworks had ended long ago I did not remember that it had happened at all (when I asked Dora and Sandra were just shrugging their shoulders at random - we must have slept through the whole thing) I had already released the girls ' hands on the campsite; they said they had some friends there and they didn't want to draw attention We snuck into Dora and her brother's trailer (with a Sandra tent) unnoticed and laughing we fell into one of the beds
It was a well-equipped spacious car and I was happy to discover that there was a refrigerator I asked the girls for a coke because my throat was really dry And when it flashed into me what else could come next it was drier than the Mojave Desert
Dora brought it while I stared at her graceful steps and long thighs I was really curious about them
I could feel Sandra following my eyes and I knew she was jealous He's jealous ' cause she's not as hot as his girlfriend Well that's true It will probably never be as desirable but I'm determined to make sure the blonde girl doesn't think about it tonight There will be no discrimination that's for sure
I leaned over to Sandra and kissed her I took a glass of Coke from Dora with my eyes closed I felt Sandra's grateful body as she pressed against me I managed to catch Dori's conniving eye in the middle of a kiss He seemed to know what was going on in my head and he didn't seem angry at all But if two men were flirting with a woman things would be different I wondered
Then the kiss ended Dori sat on the other side of the bed and I hugged them both We made some hesitant attempts to talk but all three of us felt it was a dead end We've had enough chitchat all night and maybe we'll have one by Dawn But now out of the blue we were here to have a big fuck
I took turns kissing them while they caressed my thighs and then my swollen penis caressed through my pants The situation filled me with déjà vu especially when the girls started slipping off the bed to take care of me But I wanted something else
- Dori Sandra no no no Not like this
- Well? - Dóri looked at me with a smile Sandra's already unzipped my fly and she's already groping me through the boxers
- How about a stripper? - I spit it out
They were laughing
- No not me-you
They looked at each other hesitantly and then grinned Sandra's a little tense
- Okay - okay "I'll start" said Dóri rising Sandra sat on the bed next to me and we sat back I thought Dora noticed that Sandra needed a little more encouragement I was excited to see you perform
Dora walked up to the radio and turned it on There was some sort of forgettable music coming out of the speakers but his rhythm was the basis for the black girl's voluptuous dance His every move was charming His tight belly flashed from under his top and he was barely a foot in front of my eyes Then he took off his top and shortly afterwards his bra - he did not fall out of the rhythm
She had breathtaking breasts
Not only did my cock preserve its hardness during the events but it expanded to the size of that bloody Kilimanjaro - though I had not yet felt it close to the eruption Anyway I didn't object when Sandra opened it out of my underwear and started beating it soft You did a lot better than you did the first time In return I felt the warmth of his desire through the shorts
I gave him a kiss which might have been longer than I had planned for by the time I turned back I saw a sight of blood Dorin was nothing but a black thong She danced her exciting dance with the ease of a natural-born dancer Sometimes she'd rub her tight breasts and sometimes she'd be my mother - through the thong his pubic thigh
"Go with you Sandra" I whispered to the girl breathing beside me holding my hand wildly between her thighs
He opened his eyes and looked at me His pupils were very large and wet
- I caressed her hair - No Come on let's go
The girl stood up though slightly discouraged I nodded my head towards Dora That's a swing back I think he understood what I was trying to say
The black girl held Sandra in her hand and then they hugged The radio was playing a slow song and they started to slow dance Dori was stroking his girlfriend's ass and he was laying his head on her shoulder A few minutes later they started kissing which I enjoyed watching
We started taking our clothes off at the same time and Dora was helping Sandra The blond girl's breasts were big and the nipples were in the middle of a spacious courtyard full of excitement I walked behind and held them in my hands Sandra sighed and offered her lips to kiss


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