Creampie In Bathroom While People are Home (INTENSE ORGASMS)

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Act one
I was up to my waist in the engine room when he smacked me in the butt You're kidding Kim That's what accidents come from What do you think? - he kept going How do you like what? I got straight out of engineering My new miniskirt How do I like it? I'm not the wearer or your boyfriend Why don't you ask Stephen? I can ask him and you Looks like you're all the same sulking All right let me see you With a big smile on his face he put his hands on his hips and rolled around like a model From right to left from left to right and then she started all over again Looking over his shoulders for my reaction He began to shake his butt slowly and slowly falling more and more while he did not look at my astonished expression upside down from the corner of his left arm My lips opened to speak but instead of what I had to say the truth came to light You're not wearing any panties Hihihi answered and ran into the House I saw it better to bury myself in my work I would not have vouched for myself István returned from his work another hour It's a provocation I thoughtAt the end of my work he entered the house dressed in casual attire and rushed in the kitchen I was looking for something stronger under the sink when a quick "excuse me" was attached to it and it crossed over me rubbing its muff against my head in a multitude of cutlery When I stood up I took my expression to the extreme but our eyes never met So I tried to take the tone seriously Kim Why are you teasing me? Aren't you getting enough from Stephen? Enough? Hah Are you kidding me an alcoholic? I could say nothing He may like slushy but he's a good man I said He may be a good man but that is not the question he struck down the knife and potatoes with great force almost all the material splattered on the cutting board and ran into his bedroom crying I cleaned up my eyebrows finished peeling and then I retired to my cubicle for a napI didn't have any dreamsI was just thinking I heard Stephen came home but I stayed in my room quietly until about 8: 00 When I fell on my chair István was halfway through the bottle of vodka he offered me as usual but I said No Thanks I'd rather have a beer Kim was staring at the TV with glazed eyes about 20 kilometers beyond She held her hands between her legs her skirt tucked between them Like a little girl in trouble The fridge was empty (beer-wise) and I felt depressed anyway so I said I had to go out of the house for about an hour Kim was on the couch and she said " I want a beer tooI'm coming with you" Looking into Stephen's eyes I shrugged my shoulders and he did the same When we got to the bar we pulled into a dark corner and we got close to each other We talked in whispers his problems the pain of his heart A drop of martini rolled down from the corner of his lips but his swift tongue could not catch it "I will" said I " and I have taken the pleasure of it sensuously starting from the base of his neck I have licked the bright little colt on his chin all the way to the tip of his lips where the pleasure was drowned in a sea of pleasure" I would have stayed there but the vacuum wouldn't let me Our tongues began a fierce battle arms clenched by the back roads driven out by tight and wet desires all the way to the car parking lot Where there was no way back we stripped each other wild clothes and morals fell in the darkFor the first time I felt her huge breasts I worked out I licked her nipples I put my head between them I drilled during the rhythmic Union On the trunk min We did all this he hupped composing a strange Symphony echoed in a mixture of Sighs and little screams Then we drove home in my car but there was no stopping we passed by the house into a new field It took us hours to get enough of each otherSecond act
It's been a week My room was followed by the shower Kim stepped out of there and stopped at my door leaning against the Half-Tree His face and neck were filled with water drops his breasts pierced the flannel bathrobe It's been a week since you kissed me I breathed from my rest and my lips clung to that moist filled with blood My hand slipped on the bosom and his hand looked for my weapon and he came to the point by a button which was not fastened With the other he loosened his belt from the loose knot and placed it on the breast of my chest for I was half-naked too My fingers were stretched on its clitoris and I pressed it slightly up then loosened it and again up I cheated out all the honey all the stuff that burned in it He closed his eyes and sighed more than once but more than three Both the muscles trembled and all the gods gave him The cry came from deep down almost a roar of hearing what had touched the skies Like there was a first time for pleasure My desires raged at the summit and I drew her gently into my apartment detaching the robe from her I myself became naked and enjoyed the sight of each other in the shower of the morning rays of the sun I thought it couldn't be true Boobs like that after two kids?I have studied it from all directions its hardness to your liking I held one of them in both hands and piled them with kisses Then the other one came in line then the two at the same time I wanted to know where the line would be when it would stretch where it would replace the lust with mild pain But I was the one who couldn't take it any longer The Act became violent almost wild but I couldn't get enough of her breasts He was also very pleased with his work on his Hooters and I'm sure he was proud of his curves I'm asking you out of my mind can't you just put it in your chest? He's got me on his belly putting my phallus between his bosom He tried to reach my ACORN with his tongue but I refused my secret perverted desire had just come true Her breasts were clenched in the tunnel that's the way I tried to reach back and keep her out of the woods but I couldn't Do it yourself I asked and I love it when a woman masturbates in front of me And so it was All that matters is that we go away together I explain it while I was eating peanuts in her nipples and I took the crazy idea gently but rhythmically And he was down there focused with his eyes closed It didn't take much to adjust the harmony by itself by seeing each other by sensing the increasing mood the end came at the same timeI spoke to each other ashamed of myself I'm sorry He paused for a while or a minute and then opened his eyes but he said "I don't know which way he looked" he said " twice a day if he could but if he could not you should be ashamed" We Rose and fell into a fast morning sleepAct three
In my dream came a dream as if all the colored papers wrapped in each other were flickering "Do you love me?"I want you "You're not leaving me are you?"Never "Or is it? I mean who knows?"Why do you love me? "I love you"Forever and ever? "That's not a question But then the question came who asked the question?


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