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Towards the end of one hot summer day a special phenomenon appeared on the beach A lot of people were already on their way home but this was a sight that all the men picked up There was a middle-aged woman walking down the booth with fantastically worked muscles It's possible that he used to work in bodybuilding and he could still maintain his old form In addition to the bathing suit he was wearing a short Beach Cape which had only allowed him to see his muscular legs Half a length of red hair covered his face completely When he dropped the Cape we were all staring at him with a thin waist and a broad muscular shoulder His arm was bulging with muscle mass and blood vessels When he turned around I was disappointed to find that his breasts were just flat muscles I graduated to the end of the dock and I sat down on the stairs and soon he was pounding on the dock
- How deep is the water here? - he asked his voice was growling Manly
- It's about two meters
He nodded with satisfaction removed a rubber from his wrist and tied his hair with it His face was not covered by his hair so I could take a closer look at him It wasn't pretty but I wouldn't call it ugly so I'd say it was special My eyes were on the bottom of the bikini and I was surprised to see how bulging she was as if she had worn a large penis under her bathing suit He stood on the edge of the dock and he took a dive like the one I've only ever seen on TV from jumpers and of course I was completely soaked As he came up to the top of the water he started swimming but as fast as he could my boat would have passed him After 15 minutes of swimming he went out lay down on his lawn maybe a half-hour rest then a swim a few laps When he came out he was wiped he went into the locker room changed his wet bathing suit and he was on his way home The next day it arrived later the schedule was the same as the day before The third day I waited I was so excited about the mystery of the chubby pussy I decided to watch her change today It was the second time he went swimming and I went into my den and I sat in front of the hole in the wall I was excited to wait fortunately I didn't have to wait too long and it's already here Unfortunately he changed with his back to me so the secret never came out Suddenly he looked at me our eyes met and I shuddered back almost knocked over a chair I wonder if he saw me no one has ever seen me calm down My heart was pounding my cock was staring hard I sat down on the edge of the bed to calm down a little When I thought he was gone I opened the door almost cried out in surprise there she was By the time I got to the bottom of it I had two big slaps but I had two big ears
- You peeping Tom I'm going to teach you a lesson
With his body he covered the way of escape he cornered me in the corner I put my hands up to protect myself from the beating
 Since you've seen me naked I'm curious about you too
Lightning quickly pulled down my bath pants and his fingers rolled over my semi-hard tool He hit the male member with his arm growing It was a little awkward at first and I was afraid of it but then it started to get better If honking into the glove wasn't so bad I rejoiced Soon I came to his grasp with a rattle but he wouldn't stop giving me a hand job From sperm his battling hand continued to sledge up and down the re-stiffening tool When he considered that my mast once again ploughed hard enough he threw towels on the floor He ordered me to lie on them and I obeyed him and I was very curious to see how the trick would turn out I was wondering if I could lie on my stomach
He stood over me threw off his cape took off his bikini top which was just a sign that his boobs would be here if they were I saw flat masculine muscles where her breasts were and some of the boys in school had bigger tits
She pulled down her bikini bottom and the mystery of the fat pussy was revealed and her labia was bulging like a bark trying to cover the entrance to the vagina This was more or less successful and I had 80 kilos of muscle piling up over me waiting to crush me and destroy me I couldn't take my eyes off the hot hungry wet shiny vagina He fell on me held me between his muscular thighs and held his hands against my chest It was leaning forward lifting its tail and I felt my Acorn glide into the hot shell without any obstacles He slithered on me at a pace making sure my spear would take him in all his length She moaned softly my hands on her breasts and I gave her a massage of my excitable nipples And then I slipped my hand on his butt and it was incredibly hard and velvety Now once again when he took me by the balls I pushed one up with my hip and I grabbed his butt and pulled him all over myself

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