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1 Chapter 4-truck adventure
When I was 17 I was a rebellious teenage girl who wanted to try everything her parents or Christian teachings forbade So one summer I decided to try the drug although knowing its unstoppable destructive effects on the body and spirit I only intended to try the "innocent" cannabis commonly known as "weed" The grass was the easiest to get at this time in Holland and within that time in Amsterdam so I decided to start my summer adventure with a little Dutch excursion this year
In the middle of June I was invited to Paris for a week by a distant relative giving me the opportunity to meet metropolis which was the capital of Europe The one week of constant coming and going but I was tired of running and that was when I decided to take the opportunity to relax on my way home and go to Amsterdam
I thought the cheapest and the most exciting solution was to hitchhike I got on a train in Paris and in Gonesse I stood on the side of the highway It was 4: 00 in the afternoon the sun was on and I wore my favorite summer dress A very thin light white blouse with flowers on it My miniskirt was buttoned all the way down to the bottom I liked this" collection "because it was very well ventilated I never felt warm the miniskirt was only two or three centimeters below the panties and thanks to the button bar on the blouse it was possible to reach" view " by releasing the buttons
As fate would have it I had no luck that day there was traffic on the road and most of the cars were just going to the nearby Thillay and Roissy The sky fell and a sudden summer rain came upon me My thin clothes didn't last long and in a few minutes I was soaking wet I could feel the cold rain coming down from my head without a hitch between my legs and then down my legs to the ground At first I felt good in the cooling shower but then the wind came up and I got really cold It was already five o'clock when a small truck approached He honked his horn stopped and I got up next to the driver with my gym bag Because he saw me getting wet he quickly turned on the heat and then he poured me hot coffee from his thermos From exhaustion I turned my head back and tried to get some sleep On the radio there was a gentle music
After a while I opened my eyes because I could feel my clothes starting to dry I was suddenly very shocked Since my dress was buttoned up in the cold rain I thought my body was safe I had not thought however that the water would make it so transparent and it would be so attached to my body that it would show me my curves The thin tissue was completely attached to my skin my cold hardened dark brown nipples were perfectly visible even through clothing I was afraid that my body would be so exposed to this unknown unattractive man but then I thought the suit would dry soon enough so the openness would cease After all it's only natural for the suit to get wet and stick to you in the rain So I closed my eyes and tried to rest After a while I felt a movement and I opened my eyes again and saw the driver combing his balding head and then adjusting the rear-view mirror When he found the right position his mouth smiled and gazed rigidly into the mirror I could see his eyes facing down and then I noticed that my miniskirt had rolled up involuntarily spread between my thighs my pussy hair had quite popped out I thought " well have a good time" My body was still wet enough so I didn't close my thighs and let them dry Since I rarely wear panties in the summer the air flow to my vagina seemed natural The driver kept staring Soon we turned off the highway and stopped The driver got out and went to the shop at the rest stop Taking advantage of this opportunity I took out my little toiletry mirror from the front pocket of my duffel bag and looked at what the driver was so happy about After all a little pube isn't much of a stunt But when I looked in the mirror it almost took my breath away Since I've been shaving I've grown quite a bit of bush between my legs The rain coming down from my blouse and upper body here stuck on the fur made my vagina wet All this added to the fact that the sun was already setting and its red-hot glow was right in the eye My pussy was so bright and in the reddish light my dark brown hair and labia glistened vigorously with moisture I can't tell you I saw a truly spectacular sight and I threw myself at it even though I saw my own body At that time I remembered it forever - and I used it in practice - in the case of stalking men later-that from different angles a different view is to be expected and this can sometimes cover a truly astonishing difference()


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