Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock

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I see your silhouette He was on time and I was late again I can smell her before I hear her first word He's sitting on the bench at the edge of the forest where we last met It was just after midnight when I left home I feel the edge of the bench I sit next to it I touch it I barely grazed the collar of his shirt and he already knows what I want and he's sitting so close to me that his face is just inches away from mine
The air is muggy and won't move I can't decide if it's boiled like this between us or if it's just this summer night that's so hot
I'm confused Memories of words and movements that I've thought about so many times We're still sitting together in silence we can barely move In the light of the Moon his eyes glisten and I see the faint lights of the distant village as they filter through the rare vegetation He looks me in the eye and every once in a while he slips down and his eyes stick to my lips Every nerve in my body is tense blood in my ears and even if I had to I couldn't breathe His face is drawn to a calm smile encouraging one-sided barely noticeable smile which makes it a little easier for me I take a deep breath into the air and once again I smell the scent that is the most terrifying and invigorating thing in the world to me
I can feel his hand wrapped around my waist If possible his face will be closer to mine and I will bleed again The smile is still hiding at the edge of his mouth and I don't know what to do with my hands
Her lower lip is touching my nose and I'm gonna reflex-lift my head up which makes her surprised and a little cold My lips almost touch but he's still looking for something in my eyes I can feel his hot breath or maybe it's just the wind between us
He holds his breath he lowers his eyes He reaches out his neck and touches his lips so tenderly so timidly to mine I can hardly feel it I close my eyes too and I feel like time has stopped A little sigh comes out of his mouth when he actually kisses me He puts my lower lip in the middle but he leaves his mouth a little open I open my eyes and I see him watching me It's scary close to every part of her body that makes me excited and horny I finally smile and open my mouth a crack He gets up and I can feel his tongue touching my lower lip I'll close my eyes again and give myself to him
His hand just pulls me in pulls me in kisses me so demanding I don't even have time to breathe I turn my whole body towards him and I turn every bone in my body into his torso His hand slips up slips under my armpits and gently grabs my breasts Meanwhile I'm going up on his back until I get to the back of his head and I'm going to put my hands in his curly hair and all of a sudden he's grabbing my waist with both hands and pulling me to him like he's never gonna let me go again
I can't bear to see there's still air between us I'm going to open my legs and take a moment's break and I'm going to sit on our lips ' lap and I'm going to push myself forward with little hip moves and then I'm going to put my tongue into another fight()


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