Arrested cheerleader gets fucked

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One fine spring day I was working at work I took my duties when a new colleague came to us (I might add I was working in a place where a lot of female workers were around-it was a cool situation) I had already flirted with a couple of female colleagues but the new associate was dazzling with his charm She's a hot average-bodied beautiful-looking woman with slightly slashed Oriental eyes with a round tight ass and slightly bigger breasts than average He had a strong sexual vibe that couldn't be ignored Plus he was wearing tight pants which absolutely emphasized his pubic thighs and buttocks I started flirting with him right away Unfortunately I've rarely seen the new girl since she was on assignment on occasion but she was available for flirting and reciprocating even though at first she was timid Turns out he was married but that didn't bother me because I was married too Our conversations also revealed that she was also neglected at home and didn't feel like a real woman with her husband We both needed this encounter which later turned into a long physical relationship and friendship
On the second day of our flirtation I asked for his contact information which he was a little timid about but he gave me After that we had these long phone conversations where we told them what we were missing from both of our lives The phone conversations ended in secret meetings at a coffee shop where we continued Our meaningful conversations in which sex began to get very mixed up That made us both horny She said in a low voice; her pussy is so wet her panties are so wet and I told her too she's got a boner which is also soaked in my insane amount of lust and if she keeps on going I'm gonna come like a virgin boy We were both trembling with excitement and we could barely hold our own With shaky legs and a pencil cover I went to pay for the coffee and cookies we ate and then we continued our exciting conversation in my car Since there was no where but there was someone else we had to work things out creatively which was even more exciting for both of us so it was my car that got picked Lucky for us it was a nice warm day in May which was good for the start of our car adventures So continuing the exciting conversationswe began to get closer We had a violent kiss We were both madly in love and it was felt from the flood of tongue kisses We sat in the back seat fully drawn because we were disturbed by the handbrake and other devices that were between us and it was better not to tamper with them in order to stay in place There was no need for the rear row of seats to allow for more freedom of movement
I began to caress her slowly and gently with my hands My hand rose up to her beautiful breasts and then over time by massaging her breasts I began to crawl further down to her wet wet pleasure cave I gradually slipped my fingers into her panties which made her moan softly My hand slipped deeper into her panties when I reached her excitable pubis It was pure lust which made me even crazier()


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