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Again it was very late
"Veronika you always walk in the dark like Death to Old Men" I told him when my mouth parted from his hot soft kiss - hungry lips
- Do you think I'm pretty enough?
- Oh yeah
- You want to take me down here?
- Why can it be anywhere else?
He was just shrugging his shoulders and I was too busy with his neck and then after the fall something else entirely
"Now" said I "we will try what you were so keen to do the other day" I cried to the excitable little squirrel which he had placed in front of my mouth as if he had pushed a microphone into a nice round oratory speech"
- Do you think we should try?
- You asked for it
- Yeah but right now I'm not so attached anymore to him Do you mind? - he looked at me apologetically
Well we're fine I thought It's hard to be disappointed in Veronika He can act completely asexual until he's caught in the act
- Oh no no - I said it generously as if such a little thing didn't matter at all "It was you who forced it and I felt a little sorry for picking up your weak flesh but" I added sour in the tone of the grapes " you made me very upset the other day when you almost made me" I was stupid because you have to beat the iron when you do Then I could have dragged you to the stake in a heartbeat you were so excited But what the hell
- Are you very prepared? - he asked with remorse - You know what I heard scared me away
- What did you hear?
- Well that could be dangerous
- And how did you get the information?
 Several of my girlfriends said it was horrible
 Is it wise to put your secrets in their mouths? What if your husband finds out? If they start talking how are you seeing someone?
- You think they dropped me on my head? All I did was tell them that my husband has been reaching for my ass lately and he's been poking his fingers in it sometimes and that when I walk around the house in my underwear his eyes almost fall out he's been eating my butt all the time even though he's never done it before And when he grabs me and cuts it in he takes it out after a few strokes turns me on my stomach and licks my ass tries to put his finger in it and everything else But I'm not gonna let it ' cause it bugs me and I'm afraid that one day he's gonna hold on to me and rip me apart and then I'm done et cetera et cetera
That's nice I'm such an idiot but you study all the time
 You have no idea how much good advice I've been given
- Yeah I can actually do that easily My imagination is fine I can do that Don't tell anyone but they've all been sitting in the fucking mountain ' cause that's the only time they can tell scary stories with a straight face and then they really can
 Then it's really painful because they've experienced it themselves There's no way they're not telling the truth
- They're telling the truth But the truth and the real one according to our great poet is not the same
- I don't know why they'd say that
- Look don't bother me with their crap If I'd done what you wanted me to do the other day you'd have done what they did The guy jumps on a dream girl hangs up starts like a murakelago to the bottom whips her up between her shoes until it stops and the little silk gloves are NIFF Then there's folk poetry and then there's the sea snake But can I play with it? - I looked at him with confidence-I hope you didn't declare it a nature preserve?
- You mean that
- That's right There's no sharp shooting but I hope you don't put a boot on my dick if my dick hits their ass like a cow's nose on its mother's stomach
So you don't get confused and you don't have to be suspicious When I was a student I had this bomb pipe that we made love to after the first few months and we covered the little Luka really well like fat bread and we took care of the monster's head and then I shoved it in the first ring like a wheelbarrow dollar but not the second one
- Was that okay? - he asked in amazement
- You'd have to ask him but he didn't complain to me You have to know that it was just the end of the stick in the gift basket but there were no complaints
- So it doesn't hurt?
- Look What do I say? There was nothing there but complaints
- And you never put it all on him a
- There was no need The whole truth is I thought about it but a gentleman doesn't make an ass out of his mouth when it comes to a perfectly fine suitcase like his It's also part of the whole damn truth that after a few months he was the one who staggered straight into the bayonet but he didn't have to be put in an ambulance
- He asked for it himself?
- What's that? The ambulance?
- Oh come on
- You didn't quite understand what I was going to say He didn't ask for anything after that And it wasn't even me
- You had someone else do it? - Veronika screamed
- No That it wasn't me you mean I didn't do it even though it happened to me


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