He Fucks My Tight Ass Until I Squirt 4K

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We left in the rain As soon as we huddled under the umbrella and you caressed my butt I knew it would continue We'll be home I have to change because I'm a little wet I'm just gonna drop off my wet clothes and stand there in my underwear My nipples are staring forwardand I can feel my pussy wet I'm standing in front of the mirror I reach between my legs and with the other hand I start stroking my breasts
- Are you thirsty? - I can hear you from the other room If you don't talk to me I'll come here for sure We drink the soda and start kissing When you kiss me you caress my breasts I'm gonna put my hand between your legs I'm stroking your boner through the pants I'm slowly unzipping I'll get your dick out of your pants through your fly but your underwear is still on it I'm gonna put your acorn in my mouth and wet your pants You take my head and you lift me up After one kiss you take off your clothes and lie on the bedAs you lie there I'm like a kitten coming at you from your head First you get a kiss and then I stand over you with my breasts I shake it a little in front of your face You start kissing my breasts And I get to look at your stiff dick I really want to feel it inside me
I'm gonna slide forward and suddenly I'm gonna suck your dick and I'm gonna suck you hard I massage your testicles with my hands You're taking my panties off I'm helping you with this by raising my knees but you're still having a hard time taking it off in this situation When I finally get nakedyou start licking You suck my clitoris in your mouth Then you start licking my ass I know what you want And when I feel like it's wet enough I'll let you know
- Stick your finger in me
At this moment I can feel your piercing finger
You raise your knees and you raise your hips wildly and fuck me in the mouth I keep my lips pressed together to make it better for you I can hear you moaning Your tongue is growing wild among the lips of my pussy From my clitoris to my butt It's very good I'm gonna grab your ass and put your dick in my mouth like this I'm gonna come with a Twitch
You're slipping I put my head on my hands and sigh My pussy is bulging between my legs When you see this you're gonna start fucking wildly on your hands and knees The numbness of the former lust begins to fade from my muscles It's getting better for me too I'm gonna lift my body off the bed and you're gonna grab my chest right now and you're gonna massage it really hardI'm going to stand up straight and head back and we're going to kiss Your hands are on my clitoris My cunt is all stretched out by your stiff cock It feels fantastic Then I fall back on the bed and you pull me up by my hip With my back bent I will allow you to enter me even more You put one foot up against my side I'm starting to suck your toes()


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