Daddy Lets Me Ride His Cock

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  and what was your most memorable experience? - I asked you one time
- The most memorable? - she smiled-when I was in biology class in high school
If I remember correctly it must have been February one Friday
It was fantastic Since I only got three in biology at six months it didn't hurt to have a little training I needed the good grades for collegeI think you know me Well I'm not a shy girl I remember the gym rooms were renovated early this year so the boys and I had to share As a courtesy of course the teacher let us girls go five minutes early Yeah well the boys didn't protest When they can come and get dressed we're usually all dressed up The other day I thought about it and put on my clothes a little slower I was wearing my skirt when the boys came in and I was standing there naked with my upper bodyMy nipples were hardening forward The boys were shocked I bathed in their eyes It felt wonderful I felt my panties wet almost immediately Then I quickly put my hands in front of me and oversaw my blouse- I'm sorry I lost track So biology tutoring There weren't many of us in the group two boys and four girls - including me Our biology teacher Aunt Edith was a young-minded cheerful slim woman in her late 30sOne hour after another until we reached the topic of human body and sexuality Everyone was excited for the class The teacher started his lecture with the structure of the human body and then went to the genitals presentation He told me about the structure and operation of the female and male genitaliaand then after he finished we took a break The second part of the performance began as follows:
 Now that we know all about genitals in theory it's time to get to know them in practice
Everyone was holding their breath to see what was coming next
"I ask for a volunteer girl and a boy to introduce you to" he continued and the silence grew deeper We couldn't spit and swallow with surprise
'Now boys and girls come on' he said putting a blanket on the teacher's table and then taking us there The tension was a little off
- Girls? Who wants to show themselves?  he turned to us with a kind smile and looked me in the eye I nodded a little bit boldly and he took my hand and helped me lay down on the tableHe started with my breasts and he pulled up my sweater and opened up my breasts which were bulging with stiff nipples And Aunt Edith started explaining her parts After that he asked the others to feel his inner structure Of course my nipples haven't lost their touch for a secondAs I lay on my back the teacher lifted up my skirt and pulled down my thong which she hid in her trouser pocket with a gentle motion The boys were watching me with their eyes wide open as Aunt Edith asked me to spread my legs
Then he began his presentation: venuszdomb pubic hair big lips His hands touched my labia: with his cool fingers he spread them with one finger and the other with his two fingers My pussy's open He smiled when he saw that I was wet with excitement :
- That's right I see you're enjoying this Andi You see kid I was talking about power in the last class Take a good look at the pussy you've never seen before
He showed me everything: the little lips my labia kept covered up so he asked one of the boys to hold them while he explained The vaginal entry and the clitoris were the last ones left Then he grabbed my labia and the rest of them were touching every inch of my cunt They put my clitoris between their fingers and they all put one finger in me In the meantime the teacher continues to speak: that as can be seen the vagina becomes wet and slippery due to sexual tension He moved on to caressing my clitoris explaining the manual stimulation And I was feeling better I was completely relieved giving myself to the pleasure of everyone starting to caress my clitoris
I moaned moaned with pleasure It was my last classmate's turn and he started stroking my clitoris with one hand when the teacher told me that excitement could be enhanced by another finger poking around my vagina Well it didn't take much loud sighs clinging to the edge of the table so I came She was beautiful Everyone around me was smiling maybe a little jealous of meBut Aunt Edit went on:
- All right let's watch the boys
One of the guys is already on the table The teacher pulled the boy's pants off and then the pants himself The boy kneeling on the table a little flushed stood before us with a fabulous cockAnd the teacher started the show He showed me the penis and then the testicles of course everyone was waiting for a chance to catch it The teacher gave me permission and everyone except for the other guy was touching the testicles shaking the comma Then Aunt Edith carefully took the skin on the tip and slowly pulled it back revealing the red-bloated Acorn The boy sighed softly and at the end of his tail appeared a drop of water which the teacher enjoyed spreading I just got sexually aroused He told me there were many ways and among other things he talked about the hand and mouth excitation but he only showed me the hand With careful movements he began to pull up and down the skin on the boy's penis and then he handed it to one of the girls After that everyone was pulling a little while massaging the testicles When the girl followed the teacher encouraged him to try to put her in his mouth and excite her with his tongue and lips She stumbled upon the thick penis without hesitation and her head went up and down as she rapidly sucked the cock The guy was out of control He obviously enjoyed it as much as I did when I was lying on the table Suddenly Aunt Edith stopped the girl"There is one more thing" he said He had the girls lined up in front of the boy and I got a seat on the right He stood next to the table and from behind he reached between the boy's legs holding the stiff cock from below and started pulling it and with his other hand he was massaging the testicles In the meantime he explained that there was still the semen to show us When he felt the boy was about to end he told one of the girls to put their hands together because the stream was about to start He beat the Dick a little bit more The first batch hit the girl holding her hand in the face which slowly began to go down The teacher quickly lowered the ejection into her palm with success He squeezed the last drop out of the boy The poor guy almost had to be taken off the table because he almost collapsed during his orgasm We girls and the teacher started studying sperm
First Aunt Edith took a sample of scent and taste and then she was satisfied that it was of high quality and we could taste it I was very impatient so in that time I licked that little stray drop off my classmate's face
The others looked at me a little funny
- It's good - I told you with an earpiece
The other three girls drank every last drop of delicious semenWe thanked the teacher for this extraordinary tutoring Before we left he complimented all of us for being so enthusiastic today and kissing everyone at the door before we left while me and the satisfied guy got dressed
We got our "allowance" and then headed home


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