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It's a Half-True Half-fiction story Her three characters Kelly are the babysitter and Zoe and Michelle who are basically a bisexual lady couple They lived a peaceful friendship until one day The Babysitter developed a strong sexual attraction to Zoe Zoe was a very attractive long black hair nice-looking woman with really sexy breasts Kelly on the other hand had a strong lesbian tendency He didn't get out much so his sex life became full of masturbation He had a vibrator that gave him a chance to peak but the only real pleasure and experience he had was a slippery sensual contact with the female body He used to look at Zoe in reverie and then he'd get all wet and have to have a good masturbation
For a long time he didn't dare talk about Zoe's secret desire because he saw Zoe and Michelle having a harmonious and satisfying sexual relationship Zoe was reading on the couch and Kelly sat down next to her and started talking about how much she wanted to see how sexy she was how good she would be etc Michelle was in the next town and when she got home she hung her coat on the hanger and went to the room where Kelly was telling Zoe how great it would be if they had sex because she wanted to kiss her and lick her pussy Zoe stroked Kelly's face and then she said Ellen in a high-pitched voice KellynekDe the girl came on to you and suddenly kissed Zoe on the lips Michelle didn't want to embarrass them so she snuck back to the front door and shut it really loud and shouted out loud - Hello I came and went to them They kissed each other quietly so Kelly's desire was not known but she walked out of the room in a huff
- What's wrong with him? Michelle asked but Zoe shook her head confused that she had no idea what was wrong
Michelle then talked to Kelly about how they should surprise Zoe because she also liked the young babysitter The surprise was set for the next weekend when Zoe and Michelle were at the theater They had a good time came home in a good mood
That's when the surprise came They went into the room and Kelly was waiting for them on the couch in a transparent" nothing " and there was just a tiny thong underneath Turns out they timed it right because Kelly was having a birthday Kelly made champagne for a little table and they had a jolly toast for the big day
Zoe was in total amazement because she secretly wanted to have sex with Kelly but didn't want to cheat on Michelle
Kelly had to do sexy dance moves in front of Zoe and Michelle and she enjoyed the fact that both women were happy stroking and touching every intimate part of her body Kelly took off her see-through slip and all she had left was a skinny thong The two girlfriends were making out on the couch and they began to undress each other with sexy moves They took off their tiny toenails and Zoe almost came when she could feel Kelly's girlish breasts in her hands
She was possessed by happiness Kelly was happy at last the long-desired woman sucking her breasts caressing her body between her thighs and caressing the inner part of her thighs which turned her on her pussy's getting really wet()


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