Lexi Lore – Something Sticky

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She seemed like the kind of girl who could be persuaded to do almost anything if you were a little more violent You know this type: he's very insecure and maybe a little confused She wasn't hot or anything but she was attractive and there was something about her that turned me on
I was at a concert at the local community center where a buddy of mine was performing with his band The place was full of young people who would listen to music just like that Most of it was a crazy kid with purple hair and piercings and they were flooding these concerts but there were a couple of "normal" ones and some pretty girls As the band began their first act I looked around the herd of young men and I saw two beautiful legs I took a little position and I saw the owner of the legs He was about 18 or 19 and he was wearing the shortest miniskirt I've ever seen in my life At first I thought if he was cold for it was still winter but soon my thoughts were about more juicy subjects
Usually girls who walk around in these clothes are confident and balanced He wasn't like that I could see she was insecure and uncomfortable desperately trying to pull her miniskirt down her legs My guess is that your hungry friend forced her to wear this dress It didn't look like she was wearing it to get the kids ' attention While I was looking a young boy came up to her and kissed her in the face They stayed pretty close to each other and I realized this could be the hungry friend She was about the same age as the girl and she was in a frenzy Poor kid He didn't even know they were gonna fuck his girlfriend soon
When she went back to dancing on the dance floor full of raging young people she acknowledged her carelessness with increasing discontent As he sat there alone I studied his young face She was blonde and cute just like all those girls who rejected me in high school and who got me so turned on at the time as a mature college student I don't think anyone ever said she was hot but I thought she was more than eligible Maybe it was his legs I've always been attracted to feet even though they didn't belong to the most beautiful girl She wasn't that pretty but her legs were quite shapely for her age And the fact that she was wearing a pair of six-inch heels and the world's shortest miniskirt made a difference Suffice it to say my cock is hard as a rock and I am determined to appease my desire at all costs at the expense of that insecure little girl
And then it happened You got me Every guy knows the fear of dread eye contact when he's looking at a girl Our eyes met and I turned away with a low voice of profanity Just what we need You must think I'm a fucking pervert I looked back a few seconds later He was staring at me I smiled at him and then I pretended to listen to the band again In the next few minutes I often looked at her stealing I thought I saw him smile When he turned around and headed for the lobby I followed him like a tiger chasing his prey The banging music went down as the door slammed behind me and I went to the lobby
He was sitting on a bench busy with the impossible task of covering his thighs from the public He seemed nervous as I approached him
- The show's not good? - I did
"Not bad" he replied " I'm just a little tired"
I was smiling
- That's not good Your friend seems to be doing well
'Yes' he said looking at the floor
It was quiet for a moment before I broke the tension
"I am Damon" I said with my hand out
"Kari" he replied shaking my hand feeling a little uncomfortable
He was speechless so I thought everything was lost
- I guess you want to go back to your boyfriend
"No it's good out here" he replied suddenly stifling me
My confidence was skyrocketing so I asked him to take a walk with me in the building He agreed and he came with me nervously We weren't exactly supposed to be walking around but there were no guards and we still walked down the hallways I said a few words to him and he started to open up a little Of course I also mentioned that I'm a college student because that's why the young girls are so into it As we were going Kari's skirt kept going up and she had to stop every 30 seconds to fix it
"I shouldn't have worn a skirt" he said as he grew more tense
"Don't laugh" I replied " You look fantasticKari blushed
- Thank you
He fell against the wall


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