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We used the middle cone for a while before all the discomfort disappeared There's also a good chance that we took a trip to a sex shop because he wanted to take a look And while we were there of course we bought something This was an anal thread (~37cm long string of pearls at the beginning the smallest Pearl is about half a cm in diameter while the largest is about 25 cm; two of each size ball is one in a row)
It was late when we got home but we were so excited about all the sexy outfits and games that we decided to try out our latest acquisition
We quickly threw our clothes off and took a shower and headed for the bedroom I lay down on the bed and then he kneels over me and starts playing with my dick He pushed his butt back so I could get to his pussy I started kissing her butt her thighs and then I started licking her pussy while I was grabbing her butt and thighs After a while he stopped coddling me and just enjoyed playing with my tongue between his legs
Soon he took out the garment from his packaging and then he carefully applied lube to the first few beads and then he added the liquid to his anus He inserted the smallest bullet into the gap and slowly started pushing it in The first few pearls were quickly gone so he had to move them so that he could push the ones that were still out The pearls were disappearing in her ass The sight of it made me explode The last two bullets were much bigger than anything that had ever been inside him so he had to fight them a little bit before he pushed them in after the others
When the last one was gone you could tell on his butt that he was putting me on the pearls I was putting my dick in its place and I got this incredible thrill
He slid forward and grabbed my dick and landed on it He started riding my hard-ass penis with his back to me As he moved up and down it was like he was playing with his breasts caressing them pecking the nipples One hand moved down between his legs and started playing with his clitoris Sometimes he'd reach for my dick play with the bag wet his fingers with our fluids and then he'd go back to stirring his little ball
After a while he leaned forward and looked at me with his tushie The ring that helped pull out the beads came out of her butt while I watched my dick move between her labia It was a very exciting sight I started grabbing his ass stroking the area around his anus and that last bullet slipped out of his ass I gently pushed it back and it moaned
His body began to shake little by little and his breathing became more difficult and the moanings increased and louder So I was prepared to do what I had to do at the right moment while he was leaving to pull out the pearls They told me at the store that it would make you feel like you've never felt before
He approached the summit rapidly so I put two fingers in the loop at the end of the pearls while with the other hand I continued to grab his butt Suddenly his body was tense Then I clung to the noose
He also clenched his buttocks to make the big bullet stick I began to pull more vigorously and he moved again and came out of his anus amid a great scream I drew the line further out and the next big bullet came out accompanied by another lustful scream and then the others came out more and more easily As the bullets grew smaller they slipped out of his butt more and more easily When the last el showed up I collapsed
He was lying on top of me with my drooping penis half in his pussy I could feel our names flowing down my thighs down to the bed and he was just lying there resting
On the next few occasions either the beads or the largest member of the conical set excited his butt When she was happy with both of them without any more discomfort we decided to try and stick my dick in her ass
We locked ourselves in turned off the phones put on a nice soft music and watched an erotic movie At the end of the movie he was squirming a lot and my dick was staring a little bit too so we headed straight to the bed
We took the other one's clothes off and we went at each other We kissed we caressed we excited each other where we picked them up
I slid down between his legs and took care of his pussy; I kissed him licked him fingered him
Suddenly he sat up and knocked me down on the bed He grabbed my dick and pressed it hard and then he smoked it I thought you came out of there
When he had to lick it properly he went back to bed She put a pillow under her butt and spread her legs I kneeled in front of him and shoved my penis in his vagina It was hot and really wet I leaned over and I started to move in it while we were still kissing He held my waist with his legs his hands caressed my arm and my back()


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