PrincessCum – Horny Teen Begs For Cock And Creampie S1:E10

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Hi Honey
I thought I'd write you a letter
When you called me this morning I almost lost my breath I was very happy for him but I was also shocked My stomach turned into a tiny nubbin and there was a nice tingling all over my body and I could have flown for joy I wonder why you called me this morning
Originally on Thursday night I decided not to call you not to bother you maybe write you a letter you know? and I'll see you on Saturday at chat and we'll talk But when you called me Plus I had a meeting at 10: 00 and most of the company was involved So before the meeting I was like " if we don't talk again I can't conduct this meeting" That's why I called you "Charming "was just an excuse although I wanted to know if I could send you an" event " on the internet but all I really wanted to do was hear your voice and say you missed me It may be vanity or I don't know what I call it but it's really good to read and hear that you like me (picture) that my voice turns you on that you enjoy the things I write to you
Because of your phone this morning I decided to write you something nice today and tomorrow I'm just amazed that when I came in this morning at dawn I wasn't thinking about what was going to be at the meeting (which is important enough) but about what story to make up for you my dear
I made one up although you might not like it and I only know the first part of it and I hope the rest of it comes from you
I was preparing for our many encounters I was lying in the bathtub and I was completely immersed in the foam I was thinking it's been over two weeks since we've met we've barely been able to talk and we've never had the chance to chat We've both been very busy lately I've been looking forward to meeting you So I washed myself very carefully so that I wouldn't miss a part of myself and I was covered in foam and I was touching my skin and I imagined that in a few hours you would do the same thing and I shuddered I've wanted you so much I washed the foam off and wrapped it around me with a white towel Meanwhile I was thinking about what underwear to wear or not to wear Finally I decided to go with a red lace thong and bra My skin wasn't completely dry so with a soft towel I wiped the wet parts: my breasts my thighs my buttocks
I took out my favorite lotion and put it all over my body left my vagina for you because I know you're the best one to put it on I was getting ready I wore a skirt over a simple black knee and a deep-cut fire red blouse I looked at myself one more time in the mirror hoping you'd like me and I went
This time we met at your place None of us felt like going anywhere because of the bustle of the last few days You were looking out the window and when I came you were waiting for me at the door After you closed the door behind me You pulled me in and held me I put my head on your chest You brushed my hair and said you missed me so much
We're headed for the room You sat down and I went to bed with my head on your lap We were motionless and silent for minutes rejoicing in the silence and tranquility and most of all each other
You started playing with my ear very carefully and you know how sensitive he is but I felt so good about your touch that I let you And then you started caressing my neck and then your hand started to slide down You can see my nipples harden through the thin blouse You're slowly slipping your hand under my blouse I sigh softly when you touch my breast Slowly stroke your hand across my breasts enjoying every moment I can feel your dick hardening under my head I really want to speed things up but you won't let me I need to lie down Your hand is still on my nipple but it's under the bra First you just pet them and then you start pecking them and I really like it when you pinch them gently or bite them and they melt You set me up and take off my blouse and bra You turn me against you and you keep touching my breasts and you stop touching it with your finger and gently lick it with your tongue"lick it all around leave my nipples at the end play it carefully bite it I can't stop my sighs please hurry up and wave me down again" You stand me up you smooth the skirt off me You kiss my emergent navel you grab my butt and you pull me in and I'm trying to get your head closer to my vagina which is very wet but you're just gonna slow me down()


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