ExxxtraSmall – Step Brother Takes advantage of Little Sister

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Kriszti woke up earlier this morning than Marci and she took a good look at who she was set up with He's a good-looking guy and he's all righthe thought Kristy but the weird thing is he's 17 He caressed the boy's plaid belly and his hand continued to glide on the large tail which was thus large even in the degraded state He pulled up the skin and thought about it and started sucking it Slowly Marci regained consciousness and was pleased to hear that Kriszti was so eager to wake him up Good Morning baby sounded the answer as he stroked her head Marci's Dick was growing and Kristi was giving him a blowjob and maybe it wasn't so bad to take on this guy but he was a pretty good guy saying it to himself while he was giving his other hand his pussy
Marci of course became more active after a few minutes and by his sit-up he signaled that he was ready to fuck in the morning
- Turn around Baby - It sounded like a request and he was pushing his dick into Kristy's wet pussy taking it easy taking it easy Kristi enjoyed having the big dick in and out of her and she didn't mind having a neighbor wandering around the yard looking right into her eyes through the window Every stroke went to the root and Kriszti enjoyed it so much it didn't take 10 minutes and she had her first orgasm with her whole body tense Marci laughed with satisfaction while he kept fucking her
- I see you enjoy quality This morning's little tryst lasted 40 minutes when Kristi said to Marci in the back-you can go harder Marci smiled felt that she was getting fucked grabbed her waist and turned the pace up He fucked her good and with his last shot he sprayed Christ's pussy all over her
'I've left a pattern in you too' said Marci laughing at him and he began to suck the boy's dick with a smile on his face He licked his dick clean and gave Marci a big kiss
- You could be my girl you fit me
 Well it wasn't bad but I have a boyfriend now
- Too bad it was really nice to fuck a girl like you - You fucked me the best - I hope I still will "That's possible" said Chris
Marci slowly left and Kriszti cleaned up her room a little It was a battlefield laughing in itself As the day passed Kriszti arranged that day's meeting with her boyfriend and hurried home to look around her favorite chat site He couldn't find Ákos but he talked to everyone in a boring conversation and fate hooked him up with a 17-year-old punk girl who was about to have sex Kristi told me about the dreamy soccer player Guy and told me what a great night she had with Marci
- I'm serious you're ready D You're a piece of work
- I was surprised at myself but I have to say I don't regret it at all
 And you think you're closer to the other guy?
- Well I hope so ' cause I really want to fuck him :)
- You're a serious girl ♪ I think any good guy can fuck you ♪
- I'm starting to think the same thing but why shouldn't I take advantage of a good guy?
- You're right somewhere you should hook up with my brother
- Well I think this is all it takes
Kristi's been busy all night but Marci hasn't been looking for her phone It hasn't even been a day but he missed a nice big dick out of his pussy The next day she texted Marci and she texted her back and she said if she wanted to she could come over tonight Kriszti ditched her boyfriend and was ready for the night He arrived and called Marci
- Hey I'm here
- Hello ring the bellI'll let you in
Chris went up to the apartment where Marci was waiting for him at the door
- Hey Mom and dad aren't home right now he was smiling
- Good then we won't bother anyone
When Kriszti walked into the apartment she was surprised to see Ákos and his girlfriend there Then they had a conversation and Ákos and Marci went down to the nearby store and the girls stayed among themselves
- I heard you had a good night She Laughed Kitty
- Well yeah Said Chris with a smile on his face
- I know what you've been throughI went with Marci
- Really? - yeah
- Yes before Ákos
- How come they're so close after all this?
- Well it all started a little hectic and I went out with Marci and after a party the guys asked me if we should try out the exchange and Ákos's girlfriend at the time agreed to it and it happened and then I stayed with Ákos after a while
- What happened to the other girl?
- Brandi pushed Marci for a while and then went to London
- I get it and what do you say is better?
- I say Ákos I think he looks better and has a bigger dick He laughed
- Then you're lucky
- Yeah - yeah By the way does it bother you that Ákos was banging you around with your boyfriend?
 It was weird but I don't regret it
- Would you mind if Ákos banged you today?


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