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One year my friends and I decided bored with winter to look for a warmer place After much debate we finally decided to move to Brazil including Rio
Summer warm sunshine beach and beautiful girls Do you need more than that? Well now that we've decided let's go
We got all the documents we needed pulled out all the money we could and we left
I wouldn't write about our trip and the first few days because I don't really know anything about boring flying sightseeing supply mapping More like the next one
One night we argued a lot about where to go out and of course pick up girls
In the end we all went our separate ways
In my rage as to what little problem we could argue about I walked around town for hours and finally I saw a glittering music-loud nightclub I had no idea where I'd been but I knew I'd been in a richer neighborhood
I figured since I was here I'd go in and see what happens I bought the pass and went in I asked for a drink and sat in a box and watched the people dancing on the floor standing at the counter
It seemed a little or rather a very strange place Here everyone tácolt hugging you and the hands too bravely venturing all over the place and plus more like a man than a woman people singing dancing on the stage
I didn't realize where I was until later In a gay bar "Great" I thought " I would drink up the contents of my glass and go out"
I was gonna go When I stood up a beautiful creature stood before me
She had long curly red hair snow-white skin poison-green eyes Her features were a little sharp but at the same time it gave her beauty Her lips glisten to me Her clothing consisted of a tiny topping a tiny piece of skirt and a pair of stilettos
As I was able to get a better look at him after the first shock I noticed that he had the perfect figure Her breasts were somewhat opaque and since she was not wearing a bra I could have imagined it even more He had a thin waist a shapely waist and a nice round tight ass to me Mmm if I could have felt it in my hands
When he spoke I didn't understand a word he said Unfortunately though I know several languages Portuguese is not one of them I tried to introduce myself in English and ask his name for which though heavily broken in English he replied: Monique
- Beautiful for a beautiful girl - I said it
- Thank you - thank you "he replied and continued" shall we dance?"
- Oh yeah - I answered immediately and then I offered him my hand and we set off
While I was dancing I tried to find out as much as I could but either he didn't understand or he didn't want to deal with my questions All I know is that she's in Little movies and she works as a dancer You can imagine the movies I thought of at first but then I pushed the idea away
I don't know how long we danced when the Air started getting a little hot The dj was playing a little slower and he started to lean on me more and more He touched me touched my chest my butt turned around and rubbed his butt more and more aggressively against my groin
I caught him off guard and grabbed him He turned around put his arms around me and said something and remembered that I did not understand him and went on in English: all in good time
And he took my hand and dragged me out after him There he hailed a cab we got in he called out the address and we're on our way
In the car we started kissing wild Boy did he kiss you It was fantastic the way my lips spoke His tongue pressed hard into my mouth which I did not like at first but later after I was completely caught up in the heat I rather enjoyed it I was so excited I could barely fit in my pants I grabbed her tits I could feel through her dress that her breasts had already hardened and her nipples were firm
When I tried to bring my hand down he wouldn't let me and he whispered it in my ear again:
- All in good time
Of course he was already grabbing my dick through the pants right I didn't object
We've arrived I tried to pay him but he wouldn't let me He threw some to the cabbie and dragged me out of the car She lived in a nice little house but I didn't really have time to deal with it He dragged me in kicked the door in and then he kissed me hot He started pulling me out of my clothes and leading me to his room
He pushed me on the bed and then he pulled the pants off me and the boxers off
- You have a nice dick - he said and then he put it in his mouth
He started sucking hard Head up and down sucking sucking my dick He was massaging my balls with his hands and I could feel myself popping right away


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