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He woke up this morning and said Marika wasn't with him He knew what was missing He's homesick At this time it would pass and when he had a chance to relive his home it was only then that it was worth talking about If he was interrupted earlier he was cranky all day
Imre got up put on a robe hanging from the outside of the shower door and poured a shot of brandy and then went up to Aunt Alice's bedroom You guessed right your wife was standing on the terrace of the room watching the horses running in the runway Imre stepped out of the patio door and sat down at the breakfast table A few moments later Marika sighed deeply and turned around
- You know I'll be homesick at home now laughing here and Imre was fascinated by the way the morning sun brightened her hair
- It's beautiful here that's for sure But remember we can come when we want "Come have some Brandy" said Imre She took him in with a smile and drank his glass to her man They drank then went into the room
"What a chair" she looked at the monster in one corner
'It can even be poured in' said Imre stepping behind her back reaching forward to her breasts
- You don't want to try it do you? - my wife teased me
'No we'll pass' said the man and his hand slipped under her robe
'Yes there is no enema' said Marika pretending to whine
"As I knew your Aunt Alice" said Imre stepping to the bedside table but finding nothing in it And then he looked in the closet and he couldn't even find an incisive pear syringe
'Everything seems to be settled by the pool' said the woman who had already thrown off her robe and got up on her knees He didn't want to get up so he looked around the chair There were four Ivory-looking figures on the wall next to the monstrosity They looked like the gargoyles of churches but without pointy shapes all with their mouths open
'I think I've found another source of pleasure' said the woman anxiously Imre stepped up and gently pulled one of the figures which instantly yielded As you thought a long pipe came out of the wall It says honey milk on it The other one was pulled out by the wife and it said sparkling water
"That must be interesting" said the woman
"Let us try this first" said Imre - Let's not look at the restlet's have a surprise later
Marika bit her lip and looked at her little head with excitement There was a Negro with his mouth open and his tongue hung eagerly
"Sit comfortably" said Imre And Marika sat down half lying down spread her legs over the armrest of the chair Imre with the enema in his hand leaned to the open lap and licked it
- Hm-was the answer
'Lift your butt up a bit I'll put cream on it' said the man and with the jelly on the shelf above the chair he smeared the trembling little bum and then he gently introduced the black head Marika as usual groaned with pleasure By pulling the tube out of the wall completely he started the fluid flow and then he leaned over his sweetheart's lips and he looked up his urethra and licked it She soon began to moan Inside the effervescent water was pleasantly tingly closed its eyes and gave himself to his first pleasure of the day
When Imre felt the orgasm of his beloved hit him he stood up and touched him and at a great pace he took her to the final heaven The three quarts of sparkling water ran into the woman who could only rest after the act Imre kneeled before him again and laid his face on his rounded belly quietly enjoying the satisfaction of his beloved
- Now your turn "You must feel it" said the woman
- Okay but first I'm gonna blow this analufu out of you "I want you to enjoy the Champagne" said Imre raising Marika's feet high pulling out the Negro head and pushing the inflatable analuf into place and gently pumping it
Marika stood up and Imre was in the chair The woman creamed her tell-tale ass with a lather and now The Nigger Head slipped into Imre's butt Imre trembled with pleasure The head was trained to gently massage the prostate Marika pulled the pipe again to the Stop which caused the counter at the end of the tube to reset again and the liquid started
Imre soon felt the effervescence in her body and enjoyed it very much as Marika held her vigorous virility in her hands then licked the acorn and swallowed it And then his two hands glided over the man's chest and went through his chest hair Meanwhile he began to suck eagerly and when he felt the man's exudate he sank his legs apart into the hard limb and began to move back and forth()


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