Bratty Sis – Creaming His Lil Step Sisters Teen Pussy, Full Length S5:E5

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It was May Day I was at the bus station Next to me is the travel bag my whole life or half of it I don't know what's in it I just threw in what I could find I got into a fight with my mom and that's when I felt like I couldn't stay in town anymore I've had enough The family the people my alleged friends the whole town I've been thinking about leaving for a long time but somehow I've never had the courage Well that morning that was the last straw I had no reason to stay I'm on my way And where?
I had a very good friend a man I mean it's too much to say he's a friend because we've never met before we've only been in touch through e-mail But everything she knew about me from family stuff to Guy Stuff which wasn't very exciting always ended the same way: they used me
So I called him and told him what was going on He just asked me when I'd get there and he was waiting for me not to worry about the rest
Bus leaves in 10 minutes
So I actually had no idea how this was gonna end but all I cared about was getting out of town
Zoli was the only person I trusted He was older than me I'm 22 he's 37 I've never been bothered by the age difference especially since we were just friends I could always count on him he gave me useful advice but these last few weeks haven't helped much either My whole life has been a disaster I had to make a change
I bought the ticket and then I got comfortable in one of the window seats It felt weird leaving everything I thought I had in my life but I knew it could only get better
It was about 25 hours Zoli was waiting for me It was a bit interesting because we've never met but it didn't bother him or me at all In fact it was like we'd known each other forever and we'd met more than once We went to him He showed me my room He lived in a nice big house all by himself I mean one of his daughters lived with him but he was just a kid about four He wasn't poor he was an entrepreneur but he was never interested in a guy's money
Of course I was a little uncomfortable just showing up in her life like this not having a job or anything but she told me not to worry about it she'd help me get a job and I could stay at her place until then ' cause she's always alone and she's better off with a woman at the House
So that's how my new life began
I fit right inI got to know my way around town I didn't want to do nothing until I had a job so I fixed up the house a little She needed a clean-up She was a cleaning lady who came once a week but that wasn't worth much I cooked I washed and all that stuff Zoli wanted to talk me out of doing this the first time but I insisted If I was going to live with him for free at least let me do this
I used to take her to kindergarten and pick her up when Zoli couldn't make it She wasn't a burden to meshe was a sweet girl she didn't have to explain to her why I was living there Though I knew about Zoli he had a few women who lived there too but they were different from me
So Niki (Zoli's little girl) was probably used to things by now
That's how the weeks went by
I couldn't sleep the other night so I went to the kitchen to get some water I was surprised because Zoli was sitting there and I was a little scared because I didn't see him there
I thought he was troubled and I asked him what was wrong He told me there was too much work and that he was a little tired We had a little chat and went to sleep He thanked me for being so nice to him The only answer to that was that I should thank you for taking me in
In the meantime I got a job I was a busboy in a shop although it was only a 6-hour job but at least I had time to do things at home and pick up Niki from kindergarten (I had to pick her up regularly) Zoli and I had a little run-in in the kitchen last night We'd talk about the day-to-day stuff and all sorts of stuff It was one of those nights that Zoli came up with this weird request which was just to sleep with him I didn't really know where to put it because I'd been living with him for two months but so far I haven't noticed anything like that After seeing me surprised at the request he made it very clear that he did not want me to misunderstand; he did not want anything except knowing that I did not like to sleep alone and that he had no one to share his bed with he thought perhaps
Yeah well you knew I really didn't like to sleep alone but since I didn't really know what to say I asked for time to think about it So I slept alone that night


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