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Lorena opened her eyes heard the soothing sound of birds coming in from the outside felt the cool air coming in through the open window and saw the pale gray sky and then he realized he woke up at dawn but not in his own bed
The girl went to a party the night after the hilarious night with the Italian man He and his friends wanted to take advantage of Pentecost Sunday so all three of them targeted a nightclub called Dock Beach The atmosphere was fantastic there was a shortage of Sunrise cocktails and then sometime in the middle of the night when Lorena followed the other two girls in the crowd a hand grabbed her hand and spun it around The limb was owned by a young guy two feet taller than him slightly wider shoulders blond hair They danced for a while then parted ways but they ran into each other again towards the end of the party Then she had a few sips of the boy's drink through a straw and then they started dancing again They were moving together and since the party was already well into the kissing mood they engaged in a sensual tongue battle
Lorena went downstairs straight into the kitchen She made herself a cup of coffee and ate some of that pastry she found on the table He walked back upstairs with his left-over latte and then out on the narrow long terrace in front of the boy's room he was immersed in the calm of the morning His night-time sex partner didn't wake up when he walked through the balcony door onto the carpet in the apartment block so he thought it best to leave He took his bag put on his shoes and slipped out the door in a low voice leaving the two-storey house behind him to find a nearby bus stop from which he could travel back to the capital not too far away
Lorena came home from work and turned on her computer and she noticed an early afternoon letter from Ritchie the bartender He was the guy she had a huge fuck with in the bathroom of one of the bars in pest after she told him her story Shortly after their exciting adventure he found her blog read their shared experience from its perspective and then wrote to each other for a while but then the conversation died After months for some reason he sent me a message saying " Hi What's new? Are you still dating? :)' Lorena wrote " Hi I'm good thanks You? Of course I'm dating :)” A few seconds later the next letter arrived:
- I thought " P Where Are you?" When we met it was easier for three people to count the amount on their fingers than say a person :)
- Yeah - yeah "But it would take six men for this operation:" she replied a few moments later
- Nice :P by the way I also thought that you might have given up on all this because you're in a relationship :)
 No and I don't need a boyfriend For a long time I thought I was just having a good time and then eventually I'd have someone but I don't really want them anymore
- What do you mean? - he asked
- I'm used to this single lifestyle like Freedom parties one-night stands sex relationships etc I'm fine with this By the way don't you read my blog? :)
- I get it you know Unfortunately I rarely have time to read I just jumped up because I thought of you :) but I'm on my way back You take care of yourself
Lorena ate something fast and then she picked up her recently purchased vitamin Pack for exercise and she took it to Timi
He gave his girlfriend the drug that he paid for
"Well I don't know when this will work" said Timi sitting on the side of the bed
"It works but you must train hard" said Lorena smiling
"Well I train less than you but it should work better if we pay so much for it" said the blonde
- Don't tell me you can't see anything
- Check it out "Timi called and took his shirt off" Her breasts were pre-developed in black lace bras which she showed to her friend from both sides and from both sides
- What's wrong with them? "I think they've grown" said Lorena
- It just seems like the bra Wait a minute - Timi said and then he turned the underwear off The smaller but shapely white breasts appeared and Lorena lost her eyes – What did I say?
- Well it's obvious that they've developed muscles – ' replied the other girl in a state of confusion
- Really? - yeah You think so? "and the blonde woman said with a smile and the brunette answered" even if they are they're not tough enough" Hold them - he specifically ordered it
- What? - she asked me back with big eyes Lorena
- Take them and tell me what you think they are
- Yeah I'm not gonna touch it
- Oh come on - said Timi and then he grabbed his girlfriend's wrists and glued his hands to her breasts He put pressure on the hands so he grabbed his twins along with them – What do you think of them?


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