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- Leave me alone I don't like itwe're just playing together - her blue eyes were a disgrace The brown-haired brown-eyed disheveled Ann walked by just as Fred was leaving his mouth Fred was the star of the school Yet the glory has not gone to his head She loved acting just like Ann She wasn't one of the cool kids which is why it was impossible for her and the boy to have any kind of relationship The school bell rang and everyone was on their way to class
Ann was sitting on the second bench It was English class and they bought Romeo And Juliet While the teacher was preaching Ann was busy taking notes
 Why do I say Romeo And Juliet is a work of pure emotion? - said teacher Ilion Grave silence no answer
- Ann - the teacher called the girl Ann grabbed her head and started talking mechanically
 Romeo And Juliet were young and neither of them had ever been infected by the hatred between their families - Fred cut me off - And Juliet was a virgin  this statement was followed by applause and laughter Someone peed out of the noise
- She's a virgin like you Ann Only Juliet was beautiful But no one would touch you
Ann kept taking notes with her tears Fred looked at her with fear He was sorry If he doesn't intervene they won't disgrace her Fred knew another face of the girl When he came on stage everyone was amazed They played "love forever" in the year Ann and Fred had the lead
When the bell rang Ann quickly packed up and headed straight for the auditorium The show was on that day The room was full by 7: 30 Students teachers parents were all there
In the second scene an angel appeared Bright brown hair beautifully highlighted eyes a sweet shiny mouth drawn to a smile His handsome figure was highlighted by the body-painted buttery dress Fred looked at her with a look of shock It was Ann - What do you wish my Lord? - he asked in her role The boy couldn't answer She was blinded by Ann's beauty
- Would you like me to sing for you? - she tried Fred's awake
- You look stunning - The director was feverishly looking for that line in the script but he couldn't find it Ann was confusedbut she found her way - Thank you very much and I will reward you with a song  Fred hasn't heard Ann sing yet He looked at her with admiration and made love to her in his mind She sang in a trill voice and asked him to dance And there was the kiss scene Fred drew the girl to him and fulfilled his desire Their lips crossed and the boy gently sought a way to her tongue Fred has achieved his goal The tongues began to dance feverishly hot Ann woke up and bit on the boy's instrument of desire and ran out Fred ran after her with a burning face and a laugh The boy fell in love with Ann
He couldn't find her anywhere so he went home He went into his room and fell on his bed - How could you fall in love with a loser? but who cares? I love her - Fred got his thoughts together
The girl came into the room with her tears in her eyes Her hair was ruffled her dress torn He seemed very upset
- How could you do such a thing? Because you're Fred Jenkins? Fred's the man Fred's the man You're a fucking worm You embarrassed me in English class embarrassed me in class Did it feel good? Your friends are pathetic like you You don't know real values You're a dirty man Fred Jenkins - he finished his monologue Ann Fred jumped off the bed
 I didn't do what I did in my English class on purpose Now at the show I won't deny I wanted you I don't care about my friendsI don't care about my friends I don't care about my friends But I want to live With you by your side - Ann had tears on her face
- It hurts you to think I'm stupid again But I'm used to it Know that I hate you despise you You're pathetic Fred approached the girl pulled her in
- Despise me think I'm pathetic but I'll still love you  the boy kissed the girl who let him go this time The boy's hand went looking for every part of Ann She shuddered when Fred touched her It's what he always wanted()


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