BFFS – Step Dad Fucks Daughter And Her Friends

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Andi raised her head from my shoulder sat up and threw her right foot over me to get on top He had already opened the buttons of my trousers without looking at me to give me any more excitement for I like him to look me in the eye
"All right" said he with a little less pleasure in his voice " do you want me to pamper you with my mouth?"
It's not every day he offers it it's just the heat that drives him to do it He saw that I was already paying attention and he started petting the testicles through the pants which turned me on I got this pink mist all over me and all I could think was " fuck" My subconscious had this primal feelingand I forgot everything I closed my eyes and I crawled down almost completely stretched out on the bed
I've got a loose penis and My Little Andy's got his hands full My breathing became a loud wheeze I saw him smile with my eyes closed As much as his parents tried to restrain this girl they failed to turn him into the Beast When I first satisfied her she screamed so hard that even my locked-in-the-basement brother could hear her and smile sarcastically at breakfast the next day But she's such a naughty little thing that the first time I came into her arms she laughed and I was completely stunned:
- What?
- Do you know the look on your face when you ? - he didn't say that either maybe because he laughed again
By the time I reached my full size I could feel her panting on my thighs and slowly gently kissing me higher and higher The little bitch is dragging her heels maybe she's expecting me to go off early and get away with it I grabbed her in the hair and pulled her up which was a little rough because she screamed but she got the hint and her tongue was on my dick From bullets up and down to the top god if his dad knew his little girl was sucking his dick? That thought made me a little ashamed to "use" your daughter like that I was like "if you give you can only have one" which wasn't a bad idea because it made me the perfect partner my dear who then took his mouth and licked it around
My desire was growing and throbbing and it was almost time for me to give in to the pleasure A little more suction with a few sweet bites from the right and left covered from the Acorn to the testicle Ooh how much I love that sometimes I even ask him to do it a little harder to make it hurt a little (maybe it's not masochism yet) It sucks again and and …
I couldn't take it anymore I threw my head back and I shot an orbital into his mouth so that on the two sides of his mouth I could feel Andi's lust I was staring at the wall when he stood up and went to the bathroom I grabbed my head:
- Where are you going? - I yelled at him insatiably
- Check it out - he said it unambiguously
I used to say " I'm a pervert":
- Swallow it - of course he wouldn't say anything about ithe'd just go out and spit in the sink so hard that even I could hear him and brush his teeth Which makes me really really sick and most of the time I don't want to go on Just like he started now but then the voice in my head came out and I said it:
- Not today - and then I was in a hurry - For God's sake it's not poison it won't kill you Swallow it and keep going I'm not waiting for three minutes - he always did even had a little hourglass to keep him from cheating to calm himself down
He stood completely astonished while his mouth was almost full of growing saliva A little anger in his eyes a little fire of despair and then suddenly his face changed some satanic lust appeared on him:
- Tu'o 'mi' Mu 'ass PE' over
I didn't get it He never ejaculated or at least not enough to put me in this position but he answered my confusion as he dragged me into the room He reached across the bed put on his nightgown and took a sample from his mouth on his foot and then spread it over the hill of pubescence lips and clitoris:


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