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I'm Erik 18 and I'm in my senior year My father (whom I respect most) and I have lived alone for a long time My mother moved me when I was little I don't really remember her but I do know she was a good woman My father and I were very much in love which is why my father and I lived alone 15 years ago But recently everything changed and my father started dating a woman He didn't introduce me until he was serious enough to propose As it turns out the lady is the mother of one of my classmates which I was not very happy about because David is the son of my father's fiancée) gay openly He's the school's "little bitch" I was afraid you'd label me with it One day my dad told me that we were having dinner tonight and he wanted me to do my best He came tonight and we had dinner Almost silent just routine conversations How was your day? Dinner is delicious Et cetera After dinner my father brought in a bottle of vintage Merlot and started a conversation Not to beat around the bush straight to the point
- Erik I want you to know that your difference is fine I love your mother and we cleared that up from the start Knowing my son he's fine with it
- Thank You Norbert - said Erik - (Norbert is my father)
- I'd like to continue and I'd like to speak to my son
- Oh yeah? - I looked at him in question
 It's just that I heard David getting picked on at school and I heard he got beat up more than once I don't want that to happen again So my request would be that if you knew you'd protect him He's part of our family nowhe's your brother You know we protect each other We're family now
Thinking a little bit about my dad's pep talk I figured if I did that I'd get myself into some pretty awkward situations In retrospect I even hurt David once –I hope it doesn't turn out-I don't have a problem with gay people but when my classmates beat him up and asked me why I wasn't doing anything I went over there and literally kicked him on the floor
- Of course I'll keep an eye on him - I answered succinctly-
"Thank you" said Victoria David's mother-
My father ended this conversation with an announcement By moving in together It can't get any better than this Like I said I don't have a problem with gay people but this is too much It was a Sunday dinner School the next day I started my morning with the usual routine until I saw David He was on his way down the hall and I couldn't get around him without him noticing that I was avoiding him so I stopped and said hello I was thinking about my dad and how important it is to him
- Hey
- Hi - hi I wanted to ask you would you sit next to me at lunch?
- Well uh well No no no I mean not today ' cause I'm not having lunch at school today but you're welcome tomorrow "I answered in confusion when I said No I saw the despair in his eyes and I remembered my father I had to correct it immediately" I don't know how I'm gonna justify hanging out today because I don't have any plans today but I had to get myself out of this
- All right thank you - he turned around-
Of course my classmates already said "Are you gay?"and" are you gay?"questions I blocked it but who knows how long I can keep doing this
Luckily I got away with being sick today The next morning I went to school with a stomachache As soon as the lunch bell rang I knew I was finished I walked slowly down to the dining room Almost everyone was already sitting down and I noticed someone chanting my name Erik Erik I turned around and I saw one of my crazy friends slapping David I froze for a second What am I supposed to do? Should I go there? Protect him? I had no idea I would have run out of the dining room if I hadn't thought about dinner and my promise to my father I went to David I held out my hand he grabbed me and I pulled him up off the floor Then I told my buddy to leave him alone Then we sat down at an empty table and started eating lunch David kept saying " Thank you thank you I'm so grateful" I just said it was nothing and we spent the rest of our lunch in silence Fortunately today was short because our parents asked us to help them move Because our house is bigger the David family moved in with us But our house isn't that big it's only two rooms so it turns out me and David are in the same room But the worst part was that I had to sleep in the same bed with him because the living room was full of stuff and David's bed wasn't taken (because my father said it was old and he couldn't survive transport) My dad said they'll buy David a new bed in a week or two Of course I didn't disagree because I saw how happy my father was It's time for bed()


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