The Gift – Visionaries director’s club by young MA

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After the early afternoon rain the heat of the heat of the Heat eased something but even the light summer dress had to be relaxed for Julia not to sweat
The 4: 00 was approaching but he had to stop because the boss's screen was flashing on the phone
- Julika please come inI want to dictate the memo for tomorrow's department head meeting
The old man should have thought of that before and he was muttering to himself that I would be late again and there would be no supper in time for me to growl
Beno started dictating but he got caught up in something wanted to see the last paragraph of the typed text But her eyes were elsewhere and the upper part of Juli's dress was unbuttoned and her ample bosom was excruciating
After a short pause he reached behind the dress and grabbed her with a trembling hand and began to caress the breasts
Juli pushed away her intrusive hands stood up and spoke
- How dare you boss? I'm a married woman
But he turned his head slightly up and his fleshy swollen lips half open
Beno grabbed her waist bent down to kiss her but Juli turned her head
Now he's got his hands on the head that wants to be free
They stared at each other for a moment and then Juli lowered her eyelids half down Beno began to kiss the lips that remained closed and then spread them with his tongue and she opened her mouth and kissed back
He put his arms around the man's shoulder and his right hand slowly pushed down and reaching under the skirtbegan to caress the alabaster thighs without disturbing the two half-spheres of his wife's bottom and began to pull down her red panties
"Well the bull goes wild with red" said Juli provocatively Yeah you're hot in those red panties but I'd rather you just lay on the floor and drag her panties down
- Don't rip it off ' cause I can't account for it at home Hold your breath until I step out of it
- Yeah but take off your skirt
And now he could watch the Strip with his eyes wide open
 I can't reach back from youhelp me get my bra off
There was a luscious sight before the man's eyes Juli's ass curled up like fresh-smelling white shoes telling him that if you grab it you can feel the elasticity of my flesh the smoothness of my skin
He reached down to his fly and with a nervous gesture opened two of his buttons pressed his prancing tail between the legs which were still loosely closed but did not open
Their bodies clung together all the way to the sofa
Jeno put the girl's left foot on the sofa so he tried to use his tool
But now the tangled pubic hair got in his way
She was getting a little impatient
"Take off your trousers then she lay on her back closed her legs to make the venuscan bulge and covered her thick brown fur coat with her hand with her hands and covered Ben's knees and kissed her thighs and belly and then gently pressed against the fragile woman's body she lay on top of it
He licked around the growing hardening and bulging nipples The closed thighs were slowly opened and he tried very hard to put his hard-pressed cock into the cunt Juli spread her thighs and put them on her chest smoothed out her cunt hair grabbing the prick who tried so hard to help her slip in
But only the red acorn of the ever-growing tail could penetrate the labia
- This couch is so damn hard and narrow there's not a damn pillow around to put it under my butt?
- But wait I'm changing positions so don't lose your fighting spirit and definitely don't lose your dick
He got up next to the sofa pulled her away from the wall and knelt on her
He laid his hands on each other in front of him bent his forehead with his buttocks and pushed his pelvis so high he spread his legs
Beno stood a little bent over clutching his dingy Dick and kneeling behind him so he could put his dick in the cunt
His efforts remained fruitless and Juli began to lose patience
- Uncle Beno open my pussy ' cause as long as the folds stick together you can't experiment
For a few seconds Beno took pleasure in the excitable bulging ass and his penis made every demand so he spread the labia with his two fingersfell into the mysterious cave licked the vagina almost devoured the beautiful cunt and placed his cock on it and with a big push managed to push it in
Juli moaned softly because the tail was bigger and tougher than expected her pussy wasn't slippery enough and she didn't dilate fast enough
But the moan turned into a voluptuous sigh growing after a successful penetration his tail was pushed in and out of the vagina with rhythmically powerful strokes


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