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I have fond memories of my time with childhood summer relatives My uncle lives on the edge of a village near Maramaros in Transylvania They're a real country family they live simple but with great love and great respect for each other A relative is the same family he deserves everything in the family just like anyone in the family They get up early in the morning they go to bed soon after sunset My brother and wife Aaron were in their thirties when I was on holiday there one summer and at night they told me a lot about the people at home about the world as they called our country within the borders of Hungary They couldn't even imagine the TV even heard about the radio by reputation but they couldn't see me up close
But they were very good human relationships out of interdependence and respect for each other which to this day we have not been able to achieve in the world My friend was one of those outspoken types which in his heart he spoke with no profanity without emotion My Rosine was a pretty clean and always smiling woman The house is small but friendly a room with a kitchen with a big porch The barn on the other side of the garden with all kinds of pets In the evenings I was seated on the bed next to the furnace and my uncle and I slept in the double bed with the big carved end The smell of feather pillows is still unforgettable to me After summer we only used a sheet as a blanket In the evenings I heard them enjoying love in each other's arms after bed not hiding it from me because it's part of a man's life My bride asked me the other day if you'd ever been in a girl's arms "I will teach you" he answered in his most natural voice I did not know what he was thinking at the time but the evening did not last long after dinner but Rozinéme boiled hot water in her bath and all three of us took a bath On other days we only washed up to the waist at the well or bathed in a lake near the village In the evening my Rosina had not put on her nightgown and after a bath she went undressed until the three of us had finished cleaning I watched her body in secret her breasts like two wonderful fruits on a branch shuddered at her movements His hips buttocks and belly were so fine-arched that I would have looked at it all day long
Its natural and beautiful nature did not allow my vigorous masculinity to rest; my cock was so rigid that it could be relied upon if I had not feared it would break When my uncle had finished the towel he called me to their bed and started teaching on my Rozinéme's body You see Son this is a beautiful body of women that men can do anything for but be careful because as beautiful as she is she's sensitive Her skin is like peaches delicate velvety If you touch it just do it with pure intent and you can see the effect it gets goose bumps it contracts it hardens the surface Many points of the body are even more sensitive than the neck breasts especially inside the thigh but there are places on the back and the butt that excite your blood Not only did he say it but he showed it to me and he made me practice the caress of my Rosine's skin All I noticed was that my uncle's comma was stiffened by the caresses which I mentioned You see you already know that feeling works backwards Even if Rozine caresses you it makes her blood boil They help each other to love each other In the meantime you'll both reach a state of love that's already governed by your body's instinct not your brain That's what's best for everyone As she spoke of it my Rosina took both our commas in her hands and gently pulled her hands up and down Because it was a little dry he licked it with his tongue and covered it with little saliva My brother put my hand on my Rosina's breast and showed me how to gently caress her sometimes I can lick her nipples with my tongue and even if I want to because it feels good to her I caressed him sucked him with more and more heat while my dear friend placed himself between the legs of my Rosine and pressed his comma into the furry Cup My Rosina moaned she sighed but she put my head on her breasts
He complimented me on my skill and licked my comma with his mouth more and more Instinctively I started pushing my hips towards his mouth He took my rod and sucked it hard and my brother was stabbing it in the pussy and I was starting to feel like I couldn't take it anymore and my comma started shooting like an explosion My rozine put her head back and pointed it all at her breast My uncle used to blow things up but he let everything go to Pinus He took my rod for a while kissed it and sent me to wash up Did you feel the attraction of women? He Asked My Wife()

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